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Image: Holocaust survivor: Big Pharma to depopulate the world through COVID-19 vaccines – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Holocaust survivor and founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection Vera Sharav has criticized Big Pharma companies for doing experiments within experiments that led to thousands of deaths from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

Sharav said health authorities were partly to blame for those deaths as they pushed people to take the vaccines.

The medical activist could not help but relate this to her experience. “Death is imminent if we don’t stop it, if we don’t say no, if we don’t object. Part of the problem during the Nazi period was precisely that people were also terrified. They just look the other way as neighbors were being taken away,” she shared during the May 11 episode of “Merritt Medical Hour” on Brighteon.TV.

Sharav and host Dr. Lee Merritt both agreed that 99.9 percent of the people would believe that vaccines were 95 percent effective if told by health authorities.

“People believed everything they said because there was the COVID-19 scare,” Sharav said. (Related: Farrakhan is actually right: Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates are trying to “depopulate the Earth” with coronavirus vaccines.)

According to Sharav, the move to depopulate is really rampant. “This is what has been churning the globalists. When you talk about babies, they have now moved the envelope from abortion to infanticide. That’s exactly what the Nazis did,” she said.

Merritt said Peter Singer, a Princeton University Bioethics professor, even argued that parents should have the decision to abort their baby up to age two because babies aren’t really people up until that age. And now, Sharav pointed out, Maryland proposes that the decision to kill the child can still be made 28 months after birth.


“Well, this isn’t even asking the parents. It has nothing to do with the parents anymore. It has to do with just the decision of the staff at book events, since depopulation is really something that has been an objective since 1913, when John D. Rockefeller began to change medicine really,” Sharav said.

That same objective is apparently what’s driving the COVID-19 vaccines.

COVID-19 vaccines designed to find how much toxin is needed to kill people

German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who specializes on the prosecution of fraudulent corporations, concluded that COVID-19 vaccines are designed to know how much toxin is needed to kill people.

Fuellmich is an international trial lawyer licensed to practice in Germany and California with 27 years of practice. He arrived at that conclusion after hearing the statement of former Pfizer executive Dr. Mike Yeadon in the German Corona Investigative Committee hearing. The mortality rate linked to the vaccines, according to Yeadon, is traceable through the lot numbers of different batches. Some batches appear to be more lethal than others.

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a German medical doctor and epidemiologist, supported Yeadon’s claim after looking at the data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, which indicates that vaccine batches are sequentially marked by varying toxicity.

Wodarg noted that some vaccine lots and batches in the U.S. didn’t have any case, while others showed many people dying. He explained that in some batches you can see that something is happening and this is where cases of toxicity expressed in deaths are seen. The doctor added that the Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines have a horrible accumulation of cases in certain batches.

According to Fuellmich, the “experiments” were done in a coordinated effort, with Pfizer taking the lead followed by Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. He noted that these pharmaceutical companies all knew about this mass serial killing.

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