More ‘green’ insanity: Swiss firms told to brace for wave of power grid blackouts as government tells citizens to cut back on electricity

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Image: More ‘green’ insanity: Swiss firms told to brace for wave of power grid blackouts as government tells citizens to cut back on electricity

(Natural News) The European continent not only managed to survive two world wars over the past century, but to emerge from the ashes as a thriving, modern beacon of prosperity and innovation.

But over the past decade especially, its left-wing socialist leaders have chosen a path of self-destruction and third-world status thanks to the ‘religion of climate change.’

While the planet’s weather and climate patterns have constantly changed since the beginning of time, climate change preachers and alarmists claim those changes in the modern era are due to human activities like growing food, powering homes, producing goods, and driving vehicles with cheap, readily available fuels used by combustible engines.

To be clear, and despite what a number of Western ‘scientific studies’ and agencies say, there is no evidence, no proof that the changing climate patterns are due to human activity. None. It is a theory — well, again, a religion — on the left, as evidenced by factual data proving that weather and climate today is no more or less severe than it was decades or centuries ago when Europeans were fighting to survive madmen and invasions.

And yet, thanks to this religion, the continent has consistently weaned itself from affordable fossil fuels in lieu of unproven, expensive, and still-developing “green energy” alternatives that are leaving EU countries vulnerable and in danger of crashing their economies.

That includes Switzerland, where the government has just warned more than 30,000 businesses that blackouts are likely in the coming months, even as citizens are urged to cut back on their use of electricity, according to the new site SwissInfo:


Swiss companies could be ordered to reduce their electricity consumption by a specific percentage in the event of a shortage, the government warns in the brochure sent to 30,000 firms.

The first measure the government would take to counter such a situation is to urge the population to tone down its electricity consumption. The second would be to prohibit the operation of swimming pools, air conditioning systems and escalators. Only in a third step would electricity quotas be imposed on the economy.

The brochure goes on to press companies to also look for any way they can to save on electricity usage, adding that besides the receding COVID-19 pandemic, a situation where the country finds itself short of power is a major national security concern, as well as an economic nightmare. Widespread power outages could lead to the loss of some $4.3 billion in commerce per day, according to one estimate that cited government data.

“A power shortage is, next to a pandemic, the greatest threat to Switzerland’s supply,”  Economics Minister Guy Parmelin noted in a video posted on the website of the Organization for Electricity Supply in Extraordinary Situations (Ostral).

A disruption in electricity supply that may last for weeks or months, Parmelin added, would mean “that factories could produce less, public authorities and service companies such as banks would have to reduce their offerings, and means of transport that depend on electricity, such as trains or trams, could only operate to a limited extent.”

In other words, amid a global supply chain crisis and pending economic downturn, Switzerland — a modern nation — faces the kind of power supply shortages that second- and third-world countries face.

But the problem in Switzerland is different in that it is self-inflicted: Wind and solar power do not and cannot replace power generated by cheap, affordable, and clean-burning fossil fuels. There is nothing wrong with using those methods to augment a power grid, but to decrease usage of reliable and affordable fossil fuel sources to the extent that wind and solar cannot make up the difference is literally insane.

The religion of climate change is akin to national suicide.

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