FULL GROOMER: Discovery TV welcomes “pink palace” where children as young as 13 are being groomed for TRANSEXUALISM

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Image: FULL GROOMER: Discovery TV welcomes “pink palace” where children as young as 13 are being groomed for TRANSEXUALISM

(Natural News) Just add a wig, some makeup and some extreme-Left promotions of child perversion and you’ve got a “production” fit for a communist-run country that’s pushing sex-thinking on kids and blasting it all over social media, including YouTube. It’s gender fluid programming of children’s minds and then blasting out the “production” and conversion to trans-everything-thinking. The Leftist mainstream media and the Biden regime want everyone to accept this “grooming” as normal, that kids should be extravagantly flaunting sexuality all day, everywhere they go, including at school. Discovery TV is at the forefront of the whole wave of perversion programming for teen drag queens. Welcome to “Generation Drag,” also known as “pink palace.”

Discovery TV is promoting teens “pinking out” for the world to supposedly adore

Gender fluid indoctrination is being promoted across the nation to try to turn everyone into perverts, not just the adults. This is very far “over the top” when it comes to helping children “self-identify” and “find themselves.” They’re all pinking out, which means coming out as gay in full force and flaunting their closet sexuality for the world to see. Children as young as 13 are being groomed for transexualism, and Discovery TV says it’s cool to act like this all day, flaunting around like they’re at a whorehouse or a strip club, while pretending they’ve switched genders.

It’s all part of the socialist, communist, pay-attention-to-anything-except-what-matters LEFTIST movement in this country. Hey look, it’s teens acting like they work at the strip club all day while at school, or shopping, or just prepping for their first job swinging around a pole.


Official Trailer: Teens “transforming” themselves into sex-crazed dolls for adult perverts who promote it on Discovery TV

And then there’s the high school teacher who HOSTED a drag show for students at the school and did NOT notify any parents about it.

From daycare to high school, teachers and read-a-loud guests are brainwashing children to think about sex and sexuality all day

It’s not that it’s wrong for a child or teen to try to figure out their identity, or who they want to date, or why their parents or relatives date or marry someone of the same gender. The gender fluidity movement is obviously more about the adults watching and promoting this strip-club-lifestyle of acting flamboyant and dressing provocatively all the time. From transvestites reading to little children, on up to high school teachers turning events into strip tease shows (without the parents knowing until after), the whole school LEFTIST “curriculum” has become a twisted, warped and sex-based trash. What’s happening to America?

At sleep-over camps, adult counselors are sleeping in the same room and bathing in the same bathroom with the kids who attend. They don’t tell the parents until it’s too late and already done. Imagine that! Now Discovery TV wants everyone to be entertained by teens acting like drag strippers at the club, all day long, everywhere, forever.

The Drag Queen Story Hour is where little kids at daycare sit and watch gay men dressed as women pretend they’re at a strip club while reading stories aloud. Nobody is fooled by this “pinking out” mess. It’s child indoctrination into perverted ways of thinking and acting – and it’s not acceptable.

Tune your internet dial to Groomers.news for updates on this indoctrination of children in America that’s going on in public and private schools.

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