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Image: His Glory broadcast: Child Protective Services is the largest child trafficking ring in history – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) For Diego Rodriguez, the Child Protective Services (CPS) is the largest child trafficking ring in the history of the world. Rodriguez is the grandfather of baby Cyrus, a child taken away from his parents by the CPS a few months ago.

“What has happened is baby Cyrus, my grandson, was taken by what they call Child Protective Services, which we just learned is not about child protection at all. Not even in the least bit. It’s actually the largest child trafficking ring in the history of the world,” Rodriguez told host Pastor David Scarlett during the April 26 episode of “His Glory” on Brighteon.TV.

Rodriguez lamented that there are people in America right now who don’t follow the Constitution and the law anymore.

“We live in Idaho. The Idaho constitution was violated, the U.S. Constitution was violated, the Idaho State laws and state statutes were all violated. So without people like you helping to get the message out so that there’s enough public outcry, there’s just no justice,” Rodriguez told Scarlett.

CPS is a government agency tasked with receiving and investigating reports of child abuse or neglect. The CPS agency in each state identifies children who are being abused or neglected, monitors domestic violence that relates to children and removes at-risk children from an unsafe environment when necessary.

But the agency is apparently abusing its authority.

“And we learned that they do target both Christians and minorities. It is something that they do and then they take these children and pass them off into the hands of homosexual couples in America. This is what is going on in this country while we’re all sleeping and not paying attention to it,” said Rodriguez, who added that an adjudicatory hearing is already scheduled on May 9.


The adjudicatory hearing will determine whether or not baby Cyrus will stay in the legal custody of CPS or if he will be released from the system and be with his parents once again.

Parents get baby Cyrus back after public outcry

Rodriguez said his grandchild is currently in the custody of his parents and that they were able to get baby Cyrus back because of the public outcry.

“So after he was kidnapped on March 11, we had nonstop protests at first the hospital and then at the Department of Health and Welfare here in Idaho. The next morning over 400 people showed up to protest the kidnapping of baby Cyrus and this went on day after day. We did press conference every single day, and you can see those on our website as well,” Rodriguez related.

“And we were showing the evidence, exposing the fraud, exposing the corruption. Thousands of people were calling the host hospital and then the Department of Health and Welfare. They literally shut down their phone systems because there’s so many calls coming in, thousands of emails were going in every single day. We’re so grateful that by a miracle of God and all the support of the people, we got baby Cyrus back in seven days.”

Rodriguez pointed out that some families have to spend months or even years before they ever get their child back. He said the number one source of child molestation and sex trafficking in America is the foster care system that takes children away through CPS.

According to Rodriguez, every single state in America is getting paid by the federal government to kidnap children through the CPS. (Related: Child trafficking CPS agencies now using “predictive analytics” to decide which children to kidnap.)

Rodriguez said a state gets paid when a child is put in the hands of foster care and much more when a child goes through adoption. “This literally means our state governments through CPS are financially incentivized to kidnap as many children as they possibly can,” Rodriguez explained.

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Watch the full April 26 episode of “His Glory” below. “His Glory” with Pastor David Scarlett airs every Friday at 5-6 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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