Russia’s Gazprom HALTS gas flows to Poland and Germany; Europe in PANIC as rolling blackouts are inevitable unless Europe finds RUBLES

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Image: Russia’s Gazprom HALTS gas flows to Poland and Germany; Europe in PANIC as rolling blackouts are inevitable unless Europe finds RUBLES

(Natural News) In the bombshell news of the week, Russia’s Gazprom natural gas exporter, exactly has promised, is shutting off gas flows to nations whose gas importers refuse to pay for gas in Rubles.

Gas flows for Poland and Germany are halted as of today, confirmed by Bloomberg and other outlets. Poland’s officials are currently in a state of hilarious denial, claiming they have enough “reserves” to keep gas flowing into “homes,” but utterly failing to mention there won’t be enough gas to power the electricity generation hubs or industrial customers that keep the country’s economy flowing.

The situation is even more dire in Germany, where officials there have agreed to export “tanks” to Russia, even though they aren’t even really tanks. As I posted on Telegram earlier today:

Germany’s “tanks” that are being donated to Ukraine are nothing more than STEEL COFFINS for Ukrainian soldiers. First off, these aren’t tanks at all. They are tracked, short-range anti-air systems that NOBODY in Ukraine even knows how to operate. Via previous post, TRAINING time to run these is 6-12 months. There will be NO spare parts if they are damaged. NOBODY in Ukraine knows how to repair these units. It’s all a hilarious, pathetic JOKE on the part of Germany. Dragged out of a museum!

It appears that Germany is emptying its war museums of old hardware while demanding Russia keep selling it gas in euros, even though Germany and other Western nations have declared Russia can no longer use euros or dollar, due to the extreme economic sanctions leveled against Russia (by the West).


These bully tactics of the West are turning out to be disastrously catastrophic for Western nations, and Germany faces the near-total annihilation of its industrial base if it can’t somehow replace Russia’s natural gas deliveries (or find a way to pay in Rubles). The collapse of German industry will take a generation to recover, if ever, since shutting down manufacturing businesses and liquidating their assets usually involves selling off hardware and losing the human knowledge base of how to run that hardware.

All this for virtue signaling against Russia, it seems. Germany would rather commit economic suicide than allow Russia to earn another Ruble in revenue for its gas exports. Not that Russia is desperate for revenues, of course, since Russian energy sales are booming and year-over-year revenues for Russia are exploding to the upside due to sharply rising energy prices on the global market. China, Turkey, India and most other nations around the world are happy to keep buying energy from Russia, even if Germany, Poland, the UK and the USA refuse to do so.

Ukraine is Europe’s graveyard for outdated military hardware… and the Ukrainian soldiers are paying with their lives

The reality of this sad, pathetic tactic by NATO nations is that Ukraine has become a dumping ground (or graveyard) for outdated, nearly museum-era military hardware that NATO nations are desperately trying to get rid of while claiming to be “assisting” Ukraine.

– Poland is delivering an unknown quantity of some sort of tanks Ukraine
– Germany is delivering museum-era anti-aircraft tracked vehicles Ukraine
– The Czech Republic is delivering some outdated T-72 tanks
– UK is sending Stormer armored vehicles with anti-aircraft missiles
– Slovenia is also reportedly sending some T-72 tanks

What they’re actually accomplishing is the mass death of Ukrainian soldiers who will die in these steel coffins, given all the following undeniable truths:

  • Ukrainian military forces have almost zero training in these oddball pieces of equipment, except perhaps the T-72s.
  • There are virtually no repair parts available to keep these things running, since they largely aren’t in production anymore.
  • There’s very little ammo available for the hardware, and ammo is almost impossible to deliver to the battle lines due to Russia’s railway interdiction efforts.
  • There’s no interoperability between all this oddball hardware coming from different nations, different eras, different manufacturers, etc. They don’t use the same parts, their comms are all set up differently, their maintenance requirements are not unified, their tracks are not interchangeable, etc. It’s all a pathetic joke.
  • Many of these pieces of equipment have sat in warehouses for years or decades, experiencing internal engine rust (from water accumulation in diesel engines) and component rust. It’s questionable whether these vehicles will even survive the first 30 days of actual use without breaking down and becoming multi-ton paper weights.

While some of the T-72s might be useful in defensive positions, the bulk of this hardware is nothing but a turkey shoot for modern Russian aircraft, missile systems and well-equipped battlefield tanks.

Yet libtards in America — people who are stupid enough to believe the corporate media — think “Ukraine is winning!” Even when the power grid is about to experience rolling blackouts across Poland and Germany, with diesel shortages in the UK and food shelves starting to go bare across most of Western Europe.

How, exactly, is NATO winning again? Russia is seizing territory, raking in record revenues for energy exports and experiencing huge support for its national currency, all while the dollar continues to erode and the Japanese yen is on the verge of a total collapse.

Maybe this is “winning” if you’re the kind of idiot who believes that men can get pregnant, too. In the world of delusional fairy tales, I suppose anything can be twisted around by delusional woketards to look like its opposite. But in no universe rooted in reality is Russia “losing” this war. Russia is achieving a methodical, decisive victory while the USA and NATO are standing around with their d#cks in their hands, laughing about emptying their old warehouses of rusted-out, barely-operable military hardware that will die on the battlefield with the victimized soldiers of Ukraine (who are being exploited and killed by NATO and the West, it turns out).

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