SOS letter from Shanghai resident says city is on the brink of collapse due to COVID lockdown

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Image: SOS letter from Shanghai resident says city is on the brink of collapse due to COVID lockdown

(Natural News) Just like what happened in the beginning of 2020 before the first phase of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) plandemic was launched, strange reports are emerging out of China about the extreme measures that are supposedly being taken to combat the all-new BA.2 “subvariant” of the omicron (moronic) “variant” of the Chinese Virus.

The Epoch Times reported an alleged SOS letter, claiming that the city of Shanghai, or at least parts of it, are in chaos amid the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) new lockdown. Not only are residents suffering under the heavy boot of tyranny, but so is the supply chain.

“The letter depicts chaos in the writer’s community amid the absence of management,” a China in Focus news report explained about the situation. “The letter says that ‘positive’ COVID-19 ‘cases’ have erupted, and the area is at the brink of collapse.”

We already know that a “positive case” means absolutely nothing since the PCR tests are fraudulent. But apparently the government and media are testing the waters to see just how dumbed down people are to fall for this ridiculous ruse a second time.

Someone named “Mr. Huang,” who was interviewed by the Epoch Times, said 90 percent of the buildings in his area of Shanghai supposedly now house “virus patients.”

“Our community has been on lockdown since April the 1st,” Huang is quoted as saying, revealing April Fool’s Day as the day when all of this came down the pike in Shanghai.


“And on the 3rd, there were only one or two positive cases. However, four days later, the positive cases rose to 36. What’s the significance here?”

Some of the “positive cases” have been taken from their homes and relocated somewhere, though nobody seems to know where. There is suspicion that these cases are now being housed in quarantine facilities, but no proof to back it.

“Nobody knows where they will be taken to,” Huang added. “It’s like the lottery. The regular people have no idea where these people are sent.”

Shanghai refusing to collect garbage from homes of “positive cases”

Shanghai appears to have halted many public services throughout the community, though the full extent of this remains unknown.

“We never had any official release, the number of positive cases,” Huang went on to claim. “And the community service staff seem to have disappeared. They totally ignored our existence.”

Calling the city’s helpline or community services leads nowhere now because residents never hear anything back, reports said. So some people are now just trying to help each other out in lieu of government intervention.

“Just now,” Huang claimed, “an old woman was suffering from high fever, and residents from other buildings delivered medication to her at their own risk.”

The SOS letter further claims that Shanghai residents who test “negative” for the Fauci Flu are being instructed to deliver supplies to those who test “positive” without any personal protective gear. So much for stopping the spread (assuming you buy into the official narrative about COVID spread, which in and of itself is bunk).

Garbage collection has also supposedly become a problem for COVID-positive residents of Shanghai, who are no longer receiving normal pickups and are having to live with waste piling up inside their homes.

“If a household has positive cases, they won’t collect their garbage for days,” Huang said. “They asked what to do, saying, ‘my house stinks,’ but they cannot put garbage outside their doors because they need to be responsible to others.”

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