Parents beware: Children’s storybook about ABORTION has gone viral

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Image: Parents beware: Children’s storybook about ABORTION has gone viral

(Natural News) A recent article by pro-life activist Jonathon Van Maren described a children’s storybook that glorifies abortion as shocking – even for some of the procedure’s most ardent supporters. Van Maren was referring to the book titled “What’s An Abortion, Anyway?” that contains pro-abortion propaganda.

“What’s An Abortion, Anyway?” became viral thanks to a Twitter exchange between abortion activist Renee Bracey Sherman and Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Two queer abortion doulas from New York state were responsible for the book. Author Carly Manes, who describes herself as white and queer, provided the text. Meanwhile, a brown genderqueer cultural worker named Mar provided the illustrations under the “Emulsify” alias.

“They refuse to refer to the baby in any way, shape or form throughout [the book, which] is intended to introduce the subject of abortion to children. [It also tosses] in some LGBT talking points for good measure: People ‘of all gender identities get pregnant,’ children are told at one point,” Van Maren wrote.

Van Maren had also been critical of the book by Manes and Mar in a June 2021 piece for LifeSiteNews.

“Not surprisingly, the book is rife with disinformation from the get-go. They describe a miscarriage not as the loss of a child, but as a process where a ‘pregnancy’ isn’t healthy enough to keep growing. This will be understandably confusing to children who know instinctively that it is a baby, not a pregnancy, that is growing. They use the same sleight of hand to describe killing a baby in the womb: ‘An abortion is when someone decides to stop growing their pregnancy.'”


“They then explain that there are many ways of ‘removing pregnancy’ – with pills, through a doctor-administered surgical procedure – and state that abortion is ‘safe’ because ‘millions of people’ have them.” (Related: Pro-abortion feminist ADMITS abortion ends a human life, but says it’s justifiable.)

Van Maren added: “They also indicate that women … have abortions for different reasons. Some because ‘they like their family exactly as it is,’ some because ‘they can’t take care of a new baby right now.’ Of course, the rest of the book refers not to ‘babies’ but to ‘pregnancies’ to ensure that children aren’t too traumatized by what abortion actually is.”

Pro-life activists react to the book going viral

The book has gone viral after Pushaw cited a May 2021 tweet by Sherman, which lauded the book for its “super cute and thoughtful” way of explaining pregnancy and abortion. “I love talking to kiddos about [reproduction] stuff, including abortion, but I know not everyone has words for it,” tweeted Sherman, who dubs herself as “the Beyonce of abortion storytelling.”

“I love talking to kiddos about abortion,” tweeted DeSantis’ press secretary, complete with an emoticon of a woman doing the facepalm gesture.

Sherman responded to Pushaw’s post with a picture of herself holding up a book with two of her nieces sleeping. The picture had a caption with a quote allegedly told by one of her nieces: “Can I read [my younger sister] her bedtime story? Because I know what abortion is, but she doesn’t and she probably should.”

“Wait till she finds out this has been our family’s bedtime story on our vacation this week, as my niece loves this book and reads it to her little sister every night. Our family was created by abortion, adoption and parenting decisions. I love our family,” Sherman captioned her picture.

Pro-life activist and Live Action founder Lila Rose then replied to Sherman: “‘We took your little sibling and killed her. You’re lucky we didn’t kill you. Now celebrate and affirm the death of your sibling with me.’ No words to describe how violent, cruel and abusive this is.” The Daily Wire‘s Ben Shapiro also condemned the abortion activist, tweeting: “‘Our family was created by abortion’ is a pretty grim argument.”

Van Maren concluded his piece by saying that both Sherman’s tweet and the book by Manes and Mar “are simply part of a growing trend where abortion is embraced as an objective good rather than a necessary evil.”

“Scores of other people pointed out that a family cannot be ‘created’ by abortion, because abortion kills a child. A family can only be damaged by these acts of violence against its weakest and most vulnerable members, not ‘created.'”

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