Hundreds of Canadian companies helped fund propaganda campaign supporting COVID-19 vaccines

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Image: Hundreds of Canadian companies helped fund propaganda campaign supporting COVID-19 vaccines

(Natural News) Hundreds of Canadian businesses, including mainstream media outlets, fast-food chains, banks and Big Pharma companies, were responsible for funding and spreading Canada’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine propaganda campaign called “This Is Our Shot.”

This Is Our Shot lists around 280 donor organizations in its documentation, both in the private and the public sector. This includes some of the world’s largest and most influential corporations, including Walmart, YouTube, McDonald’s and Amazon. (Related: Trudeau’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate violates Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedom, says charter signatory.)

Canada’s largest media companies have also supported this vaccination campaign, including Telus Communications, Shaw Communications, Rogers Communications, Quebecor and Postmedia Network.

Some government organizations are even known to support this vaccination campaign, including many Canadian health authorities such as Alberta Health Services.

The campaign claims that all the approved COVID-19 vaccines in Canada were not rushed and that “no steps were skipped, and all safety procedures were followed.” The campaign also created a series of so-called “myth-busting videos” supposedly proving the vaccines are safe and effective.

This Is Our Shot further claims that all of the information listed on its website was compiled “by medical professionals and public health experts using Canadian government and other scientific and medical sources.”

But the COVID-19 vaccines approved for use in Canada have all been associated with severe side effects, including blood clots, rashes, miscarriages and heart attacks, especially in young and otherwise healthy men.


The COVID-19 vaccines are also more likely to cause very deadly side effects in children.

This Is Our Shot campaign targets Canada’s ethnic minorities

Launched in late April of 2021, This Is Our Shot was made to “rally Canadians and encourage each other to replace vaccine hesitancy with confidence so that we can end the pandemic – together,” according to its website.

Many COVID-19 task forces and healthcare workers who joined the This Is Our Shot campaign even made it their job to make sure that “racialized and ethnic communities” across Canada, which may sometimes have higher rates of vaccine hesitancy, get vaccinated.

“We had this perspective of using our community connections, our knowledge of our cultures to help get the prevailing public health message out, both through traditional media, cultural ethnic mediums and through digital mediums that we know that our communities partake in,” said This Is Our Shot campaigner Dr. Dashminder Singh Sehdev. “For example, the use of WhatsApp as the information medium is prevalent among South Asians.”

The campaign organizers added that they wanted to target non-White Canadians. These communities were more likely to be frontline workers and people who cannot work from home because they are “critical to the infrastructure” of their communities and the country.

The campaign even signed up some of Canada’s most famous personalities to help promote the experimental and deadly vaccine, including astronaut Dr. Roberta Bondar, Olympic athletes Clara Hughes and Hayley Wickenheiser, musicians Bif Naked and Michael Buble and actor Ryan Reynolds.

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Watch this video from The New American as journalist Ben Armstrong talks about how data proves 90 percent of COVID-19 deaths in Canada are vaccinated.

This video is from the The New American channel on

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