Wall Street Journal still publishing lies about ivermectin

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Image: Wall Street Journal still publishing lies about ivermectin

(Natural News) The corporate-controlled media is still at it trying to steer public sentiment against ivermectin as a viable remedy for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Wall Street Journal published a fake news article the other day claiming that ivermectin does not reduce Fauci Flu hospitalizations, citing a “study” that supposedly made this conclusion.

What the Journal conveniently failed to reveal, however, is that the study has a “hidden author” who set out to undermine ivermectin’s efficacy and fool people into believing that it is ineffective and possibly unsafe.

On March 8, the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) Community praised Phil Harper, a documentary director and producer, for trying to get to the bottom of who this unnamed individual might be.

Since early 2021, there has been a witch hunt taking place against ivermectin, and millions of people have suffered needlessly – many of them also died – because of it.

Entitled, “Ivermectin Didn’t Reduce Covid-19 Hospitalizations in Largest Trial to Date,” the fake news piece from the Journal aims to solidify in gullible people’s minds the idea that Tony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky were right all along.

Digging a little deeper, however, reveals that the headline is false. Not only is the study not the largest trial to date to conclude that ivermectin does not work, but it also did not conclude that the drug provides no benefits.

“Putting aside the possible intention to mislead, it is impossible for a study to definitively prove that no effect exists,” explains The Defender. “This is what is referred to in science as the null hypothesis, meaning an intervention has no effect.”


“It is entirely possible that a study may demonstrate no measurable effect. It is quite a different thing to prove that that same intervention will not have an effect under any circumstances … To put it flatly, one cannot prove that something doesn’t exist.”

At least 81 other studies show that ivermectin is safe and effective

Sarah Toy, the author of the Journal piece, also failed to mention that at least 81 other studies, all with a combined number of participants exceeding 128,000, came to a much different conclusion than this latest research.

Those studies collectively determined that ivermectin is, in fact, effective 65 percent of the time.

Another 22 studies involving nearly 40,000 people also found that when it comes to hospitalizations, ivermectin helps to prevent them at least 39 percent of the time.

“The Wall Street Journal did not cite the study that was the focus of its article, because the study hasn’t yet been published,” The Defender further revealed. “Yet Toy assured readers the study has been ‘accepted for publication in a major peer-reviewed medical journal.'”

Another thing not mentioned in Toy’s piece is the fact that all of the participants in this latest study were drawn from one of 12 clinics in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. All of them had underlying comorbidities (i.e., obesity) that make them already at risk for severe disease.

“The dosing regimen was unspecified and COVID diagnosis was made through rapid testing only,” The Defender further added.

The reality, and the truth, is that ivermectin is an extremely safe and highly effective remedy for covid, especially when taken early at therapeutic doses. It is safer than most over-the-counter drugs that one can buy at the local pharmacy, and yet the American government does not want anyone to be allowed to have it.

The claim that it supposedly does not “work” is not a valid reason to deprive the public of the freedom to at least try it, but that is what fake news pieces like Toy’s aim to accomplish: the removal of all health freedom.

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