PLANNED STARVATION: Grain deliveries by rail to be partially HALTED, devastating dairy herds and meat operations nationwide

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Image: PLANNED STARVATION: Grain deliveries by rail to be partially HALTED, devastating dairy herds and meat operations nationwide

(Natural News) Today’s Situation Update podcast (see below) reveals worrisome new intel that describes Joe Biden’s “controlled demolition” of the US food supply as a means to deliberately cause food scarcity, panic and chaos nationwide.

US rail carriers, we have learned, are right now declaring force majeure and cancelling contracts on their obligations to deliver hundreds of thousands of rail cars of bulk grains to cattle and dairy operations in America. Right now, tens of thousands of dairy animals face starvation within weeks, and grain supplies will be gone in many areas in just a few days. Importantly, if dairy animals are culled because of a lack of grain, it will take many years to rebuild dairy operations to the present level.

Say goodbye to affordable milk, cheese, yogurt and whey protein.

Don’t forget this also affects infant formula.

This is all being done on purpose to create mass chaos and civil unrest, of course.

CHEAP meat in the short term due to the mass slaughter of animals that farmers can’t afford to feed

As this logistics catastrophe unfolds, you’re going to see meat prices plummet for a very short period. That’s because farmers and dairy operators will be forced to sell their cows to the slaughter houses because they can’t afford to feed them. This can be caused either be a lack of feed supply or sky-high feed prices.

Meanwhile, skyrocketing fertilizer prices are already in play across the entire planet, and this is going to dramatically hike grain prices in the next harvest. From there, the domino effect kicks in where high grain prices lead many animal ranchers and dairy operators to realize they can’t even afford to keep their herds fed.


The higher prices of milk and meat products at retail won’t be a simple answer to this, in case you were thinking the ranchers and dairy operators could just charge more for everything and get by with increased revenues. You see, dairy and meat products, like almost everything, sees a sharp drop in demand when prices go higher. In economics, this is known as “demand elasticity.” It means that as prices rise, more and more people decide to avoid buying those things. Higher prices = lower demand.

Ultimately, this means that dairy and meat operations in America are going to be significantly smaller in the coming years, which just happens to coincide with the globalist effort to banish all meat and animal products, to be replaced by “cultured meat” which is made from the cloned heart stem blood cells harvested from baby calves, by the way. (It’s not vegan. It’s actually insanely cruel.)

Even non-meat food items are seeing alarming price inflation

With meat and dairy soon getting out of reach for average American consumers, you might think they would be turning to more plant-based diets. The problem there, of course, is that grains, legumes, fruits, nuts and vegetables are also experiencing alarming levels of price inflation. Scarcity in these items is also getting significantly worse.

Topping it all off, fertilizer prices are skyrocketing around the world, which means fewer farmers will even bother to plant crops of any kind, given the much higher financial risk associated with $2,000 / acre fertilizer costs. (Which used to be just $200 / acre two years ago.)

And then you have the rising cost of fuel inputs as well, affecting farm tractors, transportation and even the availability of pesticides.

The bottom line? The world is going to face real starvation beginning in just a few months and lasting for years to come.

By the end of this year, I predict, from one to two billion people on this planet will face the risk of starvation. In America, food prices will likely double year over year. This will continue for at least another 2+ years, meaning you should expect to pay 400% more for food by early 2024, compared to what it was last year.

Rising food prices will lead to riots, civil unrest, food rationing and price controls

We are already seeing the leading edge of all this with food price riots breaking out in Peru in just the last day. Riots are under way in Sri Lanka, and similar events have been reported in Spain and several Middle Eastern countries so far.

This will spread throughout the year. By the end of 2022, dozens of countries will be in the midst of chaotic uprisings. At some point, there will be revolutions. Nations will fall. Chaos will reign. If this all seems like the Force Horsemen of the Apocalypse, that’s because the End Times are now being played out in front of our eyes.

The Prophecy Club has a very informative channel on

There, the host documents prophecies that people are receiving about what’s going to happen in the coming years. Here’s a good overview from last week’s episode:

Walmart raising prices on 6,000 items, including food

Right now, Walmart is in the process of raising prices on over 6,000 items, many of which are food items. I’m told they’re also preparing for a weekly price adjustment in anticipation of rapid hyperinflation kicking in.

This means America’s largest retailer understands that the dollar is collapsing, and in order to stay in business, they’re going to have to rapidly increase prices on a frequency basis. First, it will be monthly, then weekly, then daily. The trillions in money printing will only drive the cycle of collapse into Weimar Republic territory, and at some point the dollar collapses and goes to zero.

This is now inevitable. It’s only a question of how long it takes.

This process might play out over several months or even a few years, but the way things are accelerating, we could also be looking at a “financial catastrophe” tipping point or “Black swan” event that could collapse the system virtually overnight.

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