Globalists could usher in Great Reset using state-owned BLOCKCHAIN infrastructure

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Image: Globalists could usher in Great Reset using state-owned BLOCKCHAIN infrastructure

(Natural News) The globalist perpetrators of the Great Reset will use blockchain technology to bring it about.

This is according to Stephen Kendal, an expert on blockchain technology, who was recently interviewed by Josh Sigurdson of “World Alternative Media” regarding the Great Reset and the economic crisis brought about by the globalists’ desire for technocratic control over the world’s monetary systems.

Kendal warned that the Great Reset the World Economic Forum (WEF) and all of the world’s globalists want is based on the wrong use of blockchain technology. He noted that blockchain could have been used to revolutionize many systems, including the financial system through open access, transparency and decentralization.

But the WEF, Kendal noted, wants to use blockchain to create a “centralized, distributed system with digital IDs.” This, he said, will lead to a resetting of the system without revolutionizing it.

Kendal further warned about how governments all over the world are using blockchain technology to keep their citizens impoverished and prevent them from living fulfilled lives.

“If we migrate to a state-based blockchain monetary system, which effectively – it’s been talked about, ‘You’ll own nothing. You’ll be happy, but you’ll own nothing,'” he said. “What actually will happen is, all your assets – your houses, your cars, anything tangible – will be effectively moved onto the system, and you will then be given credits through the system.”


This credit-based state-owned blockchain system will force everyone to contribute to the proliferation of this blockchain-based monetary system. Only then, Kendal said, will they be able to do anything in the real world. (Related: World Government Summit: A centralized, digital currency is coming, and there will be no individual privacy or autonomy.)

Kendal noted that blockchain’s goal of creating a decentralized and transparent global financial system will be pitted against this coming state-owned and centralized blockchain system where governments or other centralized entities will have full control over the distribution of credits.

Governments pouring more investments into blockchain, accelerating reset

To facilitate the Great Reset, globalist governments all over the world are making more investments into blockchain technology and its associated products.

Back in January, China announced that it will effectively launch a campaign to control a larger chunk of the communist nation’s budding blockchain industry by launching its own non-fungible tokens (NFTs), known on the mainland as “digital collectibles,” and placing them in the state-backed blockchain infrastructure.

The idea came from three major Chinese NFT trading platforms that were started after the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing banned cryptocurrencies, which effectively turned the trading of NFTs illegal as they were almost exclusively bought and sold using cryptocurrencies. This created a black market for blockchain-based products in China.

The goal of the state-backed “digital collectibles” is to root out all remaining traditional, non-state-backed NFTs based on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum that are still in circulation. This would effectively end all autonomy within the blockchain in China.

In the United Kingdom, the Royal Mint, the government-owned corporation that produces coins for Britain, announced that it is entering the blockchain industry by creating NFTs to be issued this summer.

Mubadala Investment Company, the state-owned investment corporation of the Abu Dhabi government in the United Arab Emirates, announced late last year that it is investing potentially billions of dollars in cryptocurrencies and their surrounding blockchain-based ecosystem.

Kendal pointed out that the goal of these government-backed forays into blockchain is to make more people “dependent on the government and the banking system.”

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