Michigan governor’s “kidnapping” case takes shocking turn as defense claims FBI fed drugs to “plotters”

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Image: Michigan governor’s “kidnapping” case takes shocking turn as defense claims FBI fed drugs to “plotters”

(Natural News) Throughout the summer of 2020, tens of thousands of Michigan residents began protesting Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s enduring COVID-19 lockdowns and other restrictions as they struggled to earn a living while she and members of her government never lost one dime in salary and benefits.

Protesters — some of them armed — demonstrated all over the state, including at the capitol building in Lansing.

Since all of this was taking place amid the backdrop of the 2020 presidential race, the left-wing propagandists posing as “journalists” at the various ‘mainstream’ media outlets blamed those protests (and others) on dangerous, racist “white nationalists” associated with President Donald Trump.

As that narrative spread for months, the FBI was secretly working behind the scenes to entrap ‘right-wing Michigan militia’ members in a plot to “kidnap” Whitmer, summarily arresting 14 people in October of that year.

In playing her role, Democrat Whitmer said at the time that two militia groups “were preparing to kidnap and possibly kill me.” Her Democratic, partisan attorney general, Dana Nessel, chimed in as well, telling NPR that “multiple white supremacy groups and militia groups have been acting in accordance with one another.”

And naturally, both of these partisan lunatics blamed Trump. And again, so did the propaganda media.

The Nation published a story in the wake of the alleged kidnapping attempt headlined, “Trump Keeps Inciting Domestic Terrorism.”


Esquire, meanwhile, published a piece titled, “Donald Trump Is Ramping Up as a Public Menace,” in which writer Jack Holmes concluded the president is “fueling a dangerous political environment.”

And so on. Meanwhile, if you recall, it wasn’t Trump supporters who were rioting, looting, burning and attacking police that summer: That was BLM and Antifa thugs.

In any event, within months, the FBI’s claims began to fall apart: Not only was the so-called plot itself riddled with inconsistencies and hard-to-believe twists, but it was also obvious that the bureau had simply fabricated another crime with another entrapment operation, its modus operandi in the era of inventing “domestic terrorism.”

The suspects have since gone to trial, however, which began last week on a shocking revelation.

“At the opening of the trial last week for four of the men charged, defense attorneys made a stunning claim: Not only did the FBI entrap the accused, but an FBI informant plied the suspects with drugs,” the Western Journal reported this week.

Just the News noted further that “FBI agents and sources used illicit drugs and ‘parlor tricks’ to illegally entrap their clients.”

The outlet continued:

The trial of Brandon Caserta, Barry Croft Jr., Adam Fox, and Daniel Harris began Wednesday as federal prosecutors and defense attorneys delivered opening statements in the domestic terrorism case.

The men are charged with plotting to kidnap the Democrat governor in 2020 over what they considered her overreaching  COVID-19 restrictions.

And while two other suspects have already pleaded guilty to this bogus “conspiracy,” lawyers for the four remaining suspects are pointing fingers at the grotesquely dishonest FBI for inventing this plot out of thin air to entrap Americans who could then be used as political weapons against Trump.

An attorney for Croft, for example, argued the FBI “had decided to pursue the case as a Terrorism Enterprise Investigation whether … they got the facts or not.”

In addition, defense attorneys attempted to characterize their clients as simple braggarts who were never capable of carrying out the wild plot the FBI set up for them, especially kidnapping a sitting governor from one of the country’s most populous states and then blowing up a bridge near Whitmer’s home to prevent law enforcement from catching them.

Truly, this is the stuff of bad Hollywood movies. And let’s face it, the FBI is nothing but a politicized ‘entrapment’ agency these days. It should be disbanded.

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