South African DJ Dimplez, aka Tumi Mooi, suffers brain hemorrhage, dead after promoting mRNA injections on social media

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Image: South African DJ Dimplez, aka Tumi Mooi, suffers brain hemorrhage, dead after promoting mRNA injections on social media

(Natural News) VOSLOORUS, SOUTH AFRICA — A popular, 40-year-old South African DJ and entrepreneur is dead, sending shock waves through the country’s hip-hop community.

(Article by Tumi Mooi republished from

DJ Dimplez, whose real name is Tumi Mooi, is the founder of Pop Bottles Entertainment, a talent and event branding agency. He was also a very influential presence in South African hip-hop. DJ Dimplez won three South African Hip Hop Awards in 2013, including DJ of the Year. He won the award again in 2014. DJ Dimplez was also a social media influencer, with over 471,000 Twitter followers and 143,000 Instagram followers.

He is best known for his 2014 hits “Way Up” and “Yaya.”

Vaccine promotions and death

DJ Dimplez received his first injection on July 21, according to his Instagram page. It’s unclear which injection he received. But several Twitter threads with his friends and fans suggest that it was Pfizer. At least one person in the IG thread did not approve of his decision. Another told the tired “is your 5G improved yet” joke, prompting a laugh out loud emoji from Dimplez.

He received his second injection on September 13, according to his Twitter page.

There’s no indication on Twitter or Instagram that he received a booster shot.

A DJ named Karabo Ted tweeted that Dimplez was performing a gig at a restaurant called Moagi Wings on March 5. “[Dimplez] cried and no one was allowed to be close by,” Karabo Ted wrote. “Now today he’s no more. Weirdest thing I’ve witnessed in my life!! WOW MAN!!”


Another witness on Facebook said he “just collapsed” on stage and was rushed to the hospital.

Buzz Life News reported that he collapsed in his home the morning of March 6.

The Mooi family announced the next day that DJ Dimplez suffered a “sudden brain hemorrhage,” meaning a stroke. He passed away that morning.

His funeral was livestreamed on March 11.

Africans saw through the propaganda

Only two countries on the African Continent – Mauritius and Seychelles – have vaccinated 70% or more of their populations, according to the United Nations. But 37 of Africa’s 54 countries are less than 10% vaccinated. We’ve covered only four total vaccine death cases in Africa since The COVID Blog™ started in January 2021.

Ms. Rosette Kyarikunda was the Ugandan medical student who died on August 31, 14 days after her AstraZeneca injection. Mr. Albert Owusu Sarpong was the 20-year-old Ghanaian student who passed away in December after his injection. Digital media strategist Siyabonga Africa was from South Africa. He passed away on July 19, three days after his first Pfizer injection.

Americans, Australians, Canadians, and Europeans are voluntarily wiping themselves out at high rates with the injections. Makes you wonder what the powers-that-be have in store for Africa since the people on the Continent largely shunned the experimental injections. Some of the worst atrocities in human history have been perpetrated by European imperialists in Africa. Few people even know about Leopold II of Belgium. He killed over 10 million people in the Congo, and tortured and maimed millions more in the late 1800s. There’s no telling how many Africans Bill Gates has killed with his evil vaccine wet dreams. Nothing is out of the question there.

We know that the Western world is being depopulated with these mRNA and viral vector DNA injections. History tells us that the powers-that-be are not simply going to allow Africans live and let live. Just hope they are prepared for whatever is coming to them. Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.

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