FACT CHECK: The Ukrainian bioweapons labs are REAL

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Image: FACT CHECK: The Ukrainian bioweapons labs are REAL

(Natural News) It is now officially confirmed that the Pentagon is operating a network of bioweapons laboratories throughout Ukraine, which explains at least in part why Russia invaded the country.

Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland told a Senate committee the other day that Ukraine has “biological research facilities” that the United States military-industrial complex is worried might now be taken over or destroyed by Vladimir Putin.

Nuland openly admitted that the swamp creatures in Washington, D.C., have been conspiring with Ukrainian officials to establish and run these biolabs, which manufacture biological weapons similar to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Confirming just about every “conspiracy theory” that has circulated since the first day of the invasion, Nuland has essentially blown the Pentagon’s cover. It is now an undeniable fact that the American Deep State government has been using Ukraine as a biological weapons proxy country, which we cover more in this piece.

Even though U.S. interests run these labs and the bioweapons contained inside of them, Nuland claims that Putin will somehow be responsible in the event that another one of them “leaks,” possibly causing another worldwide plandemic.

“Ukraine has, uh, biological research facilities which, in fact, we are now quite concerned Russian troops, Russian forces may be seeking to, uh, gain control of, so we are working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces, should they approach,” Nuland told Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who agreed with her sentiments.


“I’m sure you’re aware that the Russian propaganda groups are already putting out there all kinds of information about how they’ve uncovered a plot by the Ukrainians to release biological weapons in the country and with NATO’s coordination,” Rubio quickly interjected with a leading question.

“If there’s a biological or chemical weapon incident or attack inside of Ukraine, is there any doubt in your mind that 100 percent it would be the Russians that would be behind it?”

Nuland immediately responded with: “There is no doubt in my mind, senator, and it is classic Russian, uh, technique to blame on the other guy what they’re planning to do themselves.”

Is the US-NATO planning to unleash a biological weapons attack that it will blame on Russia?

The irony, of course, is that it is actually a classic U.S. military-industrial complex technique to blame on the other guy what they’re planning to do themselves.

American history is littered with examples of Deep State hacks staging false flag events (i.e., 9/11) as a pretext for pushing some other agenda. In the case of 9/11, it was the Deep State’s way of justifying the takedown of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, even though none of the alleged terrorists were even from that country.

Now, the Deep State seems to be setting the stage for a false flag release of another bioweapon that its talking head hacks (i.e., Rubio and Nuland) are already preemptively blaming on Russia before it even happens.

Nuland, by the way, is the wife of Robert Kagan, founder of the Project for a New American Century. She oversaw a staged coup under Barack Hussein Obama that resulted in the installation of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the former prime minister of Ukraine.

During Nuland’s tenure with the federal Deep State, NATO missile defense systems were relocated to within 500 miles of Moscow. It was Donald Trump who got rid of her during his presidency, only to now return under fake “president” Joe Biden.

“She’s one of the masterminds of the current Ukraine/NATO mess as well,” reported Strange Sounds about Nuland. “She’s been around the foreign policy scene since the ’90s and is one of the types who still has a Cold War mindset.”

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