BIG TECH LOVES NAZIS NOW: Facebook reverses position on previously censored neo-Nazi “Azov Battalion” of Ukrainian military, will now allow it to be praised amid Russian invasion

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Image: BIG TECH LOVES NAZIS NOW: Facebook reverses position on previously censored neo-Nazi “Azov Battalion” of Ukrainian military, will now allow it to be praised amid Russian invasion

(Natural News) Like all left-wing big tech platforms and their Democrat cheerleaders, Facebook is run by monumental hypocrites who pick and choose sides in issues based not on any moral compass but rather on political expediency.

For example, the platform has regularly banned and censored Nazi personification and worship, which, of course, most people agree is a good thing. But after Russia invaded Ukraine last week, Facebook has reversed course and is making a “narrow exemption” — again, for political purposes.

As reported by The National Pulse, the platform “is reversing a ban on users praising Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, previously included in the platform’s Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy, amidst Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

According to internal memos from the platform, which regularly censors mainstream conservative content, Facebook will “allow praise of the Azov Battalion when explicitly and exclusively praising their role in defending Ukraine OR their role as part of the Ukraine’s National Guard.”

Internally published examples of speech that Facebook is now going to accept include “Azov movement volunteers are real heroes, they are a much needed support to our national guard”; “We are under attack. Azov has been courageously defending our town for the last 6 hours”; and “I think Azov is playing a patriotic role during this crisis,” noted The Intercept, which was the outlet that obtained the company memos.

“For the time being, we are making a narrow exception for praise of the Azov Regiment strictly in the context of defending Ukraine, or in their role as part of the Ukraine National Guard,” a spokesperson from Facebook’s parent company Meta explained.


“But we are continuing to ban all hate speech, hate symbolism, praise of violence, generic praise,  support, or representation of the Azov Regiment, and any other content that violates our community standards,” the spokesperson added, in a statement to Business Insider, according to The National Pulse.

The shift in policy comes after years of heavy censorship of stories exposing, or that were critical of, the Democrat Party and its major players. Twitter, for instance, literally blocked stories ahead of the 2020 election exposing Joe and Hunter Biden as being corrupt patrons of Ukraine and China, and locked the newspaper reporting it — the New York Post — out of its account.

Meanwhile, the social media platforms also bar criticism of Big Pharma companies, the Chinese Communist Party, and any ‘unacceptable’ views and legitimate science regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines — but suddenly, Facebook will permit praise of a Ukrainian military unit that is know for it’s “hardcore right-wing ultranationalism and the neo-Nazi ideology pervasive among its members,” The Intercept noted.

The National Pulse adds:

The first commander of the Azov Batallion, which has marched and trained for combat wearing symbols from the Third Reich, was former Ukrainian parliamentarian Andriy Biletsky, who asserted that Ukraine’s national objective was to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade … against Semite-led Untermenschen [subhuman].”

A recent video posted by the National Guard of Ukraine also showed an Azov soldier dipping bullets in pig fat while issuing the following warning: “Dear Muslim brothers, in our country, you will not go to heaven. You will not be allowed into heaven. Go home, please. Here, you will encounter trouble. Thank you for your attention, goodbye.”

Facebook’s decision comes as Vladimir Putin’s government refuses to show ordinary Russians what’s really happening in Ukraine.

“Russia’s all-out assault on the truth intensified this week, with the country’s leading independent radio station, Echo of Moscow, silenced, and the website of an independent streaming television channel, TV Rain, blocked, as both broadcasters refused to echo the government line that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is not a war,” according to The Intercept in a separate report.

Russia is edging Europe toward a third world war.

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