Fully vaccinated individuals now account for 9 of 10 COVID deaths in England

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Image: Fully vaccinated individuals now account for 9 of 10 COVID deaths in England

(Natural News) Fully vaccinated individuals accounted for 90 percent of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths, and four out of five are those who have received their boosters. This information released by the U.K. Health Security Agency included statistics that backed up the data.

As of February 28, around 73.5 percent of the English population had been fully vaccinated, while 56.9 percent already received their booster shots.

Top officials around the world have acknowledged that the COVID-19 vaccines have not stopped infection or transmission of the omicron variant, but were still insisting that the shots prevent hospitalizations and death.

Between January 24 and February 20, there had been 9,230 COVID-19 hospitalizations in England, with the fully vaccinated accounting for 6,689 of them, while the unvaccinated totaled only 2,341.

During the same period, there had been 4,861 COVID-related deaths, with the boosted population accounting for 3,120 of them, while only 559 were unvaccinated.

Overall, the vaccinated population accounted for 89 percent of the COVID-19 deaths during the four-week period.

What’s more concerning is that while the rate of hospitalizations and deaths has declined for the unvaccinated, it has increased in the vaccinated and boosted.

Between November 22 and December 19, 2021, the vaccinated population also accounted for 77 percent of COVID-19 deaths. The latest figures represent a 48 percent increase from the previous months, while COVID-19 deaths among the unvaccinated decreased by 37 percent. (Related: Vaccine die-off: Fully vaccinated and triple-vaccinated deaths skyrocket.)


Data similar in other parts of the globe

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also showed a massive increase in COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations since the emergence of the omicron strain among the fully vaccinated in the United States.

Cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, who remains to be one of the leading critics of the COVID vaccines, pointed out that the reductions in hospitalizations and deaths were never demonstrated in randomized controlled studies.

Meanwhile, Public Health Scotland reported in January that four out of five COVID hospitalizations and deaths are vaccinated individuals. Overall cases have significantly dropped in the last month in all demographics compared to the number of cases recorded from December 11, 2021 to January 7, but in both months the vaccinated accounted for most of the cases.

The difference between the two months is that the double vaccinated accounted for the majority of cases between December 11, 2021 and January 8, with 145,890 cases. However, from January 8 to February 4, the triple vaccinated accounted for the majority of cases, with 46,951.

Mainstream media also tried telling people that they would have a milder infection, or would be less likely to be hospitalized with COVID if they get vaccinated. However, data showed that this is not true.

Unvaccinated individuals are doing much better when it comes to hospitalizations, and are doing better overall, while the fully vaccinated are doing worse overall.

The PHS data showed that hospitalization among the unvaccinated fell by 24 percent in January compared to the month before. Hospitalizations among the triple vaccinated, meanwhile, increased by 88 percent.

Deaths also increased from 40 among the triple vaccinated between December 4 to 31, 2021, to 238 between January 1 to 28. This represents a 495 percent increase in deaths for those who received three shots of the vaccine. Comparatively, the deaths in the unvaccinated rose only 30 percent, from 46 to 60 in the same time frames. (Related: Triple vaccinated deaths skyrocketed 495% in January; 80% of all new covid cases are fully jabbed.)

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, a microbiologist and prominent source of information during the pandemic, said the COVID vaccines were designed to fail. The antibodies produced in the bloodstream, such as those produced after an injection into a muscle, cannot protect anyone from a respiratory infection. If a person is infected after being injected, it is not a “breakthrough infection.” It simply means the vaccine did not do anything to protect the person against infection in the first place.

Dr. Richard Fleming, a cardiologist, reached the same conclusion as Bhakdi. Using Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson trial data to calculate the efficacy of their COVID injections, he demonstrated that there is no statistical reduction in COVID cases between the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

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