Study: Covid jabs provide “virtually no protection” against Omicron

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Image: Study: Covid jabs provide “virtually no protection” against Omicron

(Natural News) Rudolph Valenta of the Medical University of Vienna has found that people who are double “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) have “virtually no protection” against the Omicron (Moronic) variant.

A peer-reviewed paper he published in the journal Allergy suggests that only people who receive a third “booster” injection are capable of forming antibodies possibly capable of partially blocking Moronic, though this, too, is questionable.

“The third vaccination developed protective antibodies in many individuals,” Valenta is quoted as saying, adding that “there is also a significant proportion (20 percent) in whom no protection was established.”

Valenta and his team examined an Austrian subpopulation of people who had either gotten injected for or recovered from the Fauci Flu virus. They looked specifically at the individuals’ antibody status and protection against not just Moronic but also Delta and the other reported strains.

The scientists made sure to include a range of participants covering each brand of injection currently available in Austria, as well as participants with natural immunity and clean blood.

Concerning the Moronic variant, the researchers claim to have developed a test for the earlier variants that they were able to use to determine whether it is capable of binding to the receptor on cells via its receptor-binding domain, or RBD.

“The results showed that both COVID-19 convalescent individuals and individuals who had been vaccinated twice had developed antibody protection against Delta,” the researchers learned. “However, the antibodies were not able to block receptor binding against Omicron.”


Natural immunity will always be preferable to fake vaccine immunity

Among all of the previously known variants of the Fauci Flu, the RBD differed only slightly, the researchers found. In other words, the injections, assuming they “work,” should have been able to target all of them.

This is not the case, however, as evidence shows that injected people are actually catching more variants, including Moronic, than the unvaccinated.

“Omicron is the first variant that differs greatly from the previous variants in RBD, consequently, infections with the previous variants and currently available vaccines provide little or no protection against Omicron,” the study found.

A cell’s RBD, by the way, is a key component used by viruses to enter the “spike protein” domain. This allows for viruses to basically “dock” to the human body, gain entry into cells, and produce infection.

There are many ways to stop this process that do not involve any type of injection, but as far as the government and mainstream “science” are concerned, only “vaccines” can stop it.

“Until we have such a vaccine, only repeated vaccinations with the existing vaccines will provide some protection,” Valenta insists. “The protective effect achieved by vaccination can be evaluated with special tests that can be rapidly adapted to new virus variants.”

As of December 2021, the Moronic variant became the dominant strain of the China Flu in the United States. Other studies suggest that it evades the alleged protection provided by the injections, and that natural immunity remains superior when it comes to staying protected.

People who “caught” the Fauci Flu and later recovered, another recent study found, still had protective antibodies in their systems some 20 months post-infection. This adds to the growing body of evidence suggesting that letting this all run its course naturally and not panicking by getting injection after injection is the best approach to saving lives.

“Even Bill Gates admits that Omicron has done a better job of creating B & T cells than the vaccine,” wrote a reader at The Epoch Times. “Why aren’t we hearing more about that?”

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