If masks really work, why is the CDC about to drop its nationwide mask guideline?

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Image: If masks really work, why is the CDC about to drop its nationwide mask guideline?

(Natural News) For the past two years, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has told us all that the “science” is settled on face masks. Now, however, the CDC is suddenly changing its tune and basically admitting that masks never did anything to stop the spread.

Starting this week, the CDC is no longer mandating that Americans wear a mask indoors. Since many states have already made this move, including many blue states, the CDC has decided to try to play catch-up in a cringeworthy attempt at remaining relevant.

“For the umpteenth time since the start of the COVID pandemic, the U.S. CDC is leading from behind,” noted Zero Hedge about how pathetic and useless the CDC truly is.

When New York and even California decide to drop their mask mandates, you know the jig is up. And the CDC has finally gotten the memo as indicated by its decision to follow suit at the federal level.

Rochelle Walensky, the CDC’s current head, confirmed during an agency press briefing that the federal regime has decided to “loosen” its guidelines on indoor masking. The plandemic could finally be coming to an end, in other words.

“Nothing has been finalized yet, but the CDC is considering a new benchmark for whether masks are needed, basing it on the level of severe disease and hospitalizations in a given community, two people familiar with the situation said,” reported NBC News.

“The White House has been eager for the CDC to provide an update on its indoor mask recommendation, although it wants the agency to get it right and it doesn’t want to appear as though it is putting political pressure on the agency, said the two people familiar with the plans, who weren’t authorized to speak publicly.”


Are the Democrats worried about the midterms?

Even the infamous Tony Fauci has suggested that he, too, feels it might finally be appropriate to abandon the masking guidance that he aggressively pushed again, and again, and again over the past two years even when the latest science showed that it was all bunk.

Fauci doubled, tripled and quadrupled down until many “blue” states started defying him one after another this past week. Now, Fauci is pretending as though he is on the right side of science, and that the CDC’s alleged decision to end the mandate is “entirely understandable.”

“At the local level, there is a strong feeling of need to get back to normality,” Fauci is quoted as saying.

Truth be told, most Americans wanted to get back to normal years ago – you know, right around the time when “two weeks to flatten the curve” came to an end. Fauci and others refused to do that until now, though.

Biden regime officials have reportedly asked Walensky to deliver an update on masks before fake “president” Joe Biden’s State of the Union address on March 1. Walensky responded to this by confirming some of the details in advance, including that the CDC’s mask guidance could be officially changed at some point in late February or “early March.”

Chances are that this is all coming to a head because this is another midterm year and the Democrats are scared of being wiped out politically. Americans of all political persuasions are sick and tired of having to wear a covid muzzle, so all of a sudden the plandemic is being ended right on cue.

“Follow the political science,” joked someone at Zero Hedge about the plandemic circus.

“The very idea that our government has the authority, the audacity, and the desire to decide how we live our lives is absolutely mind-boggling and sad,” wrote someone else.

The latest news about the plandemic can be found at Pandemic.news.

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