On the brink of catastrophe, things will get really crazy really quickly if Biden and Democrats get their way

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Image: On the brink of catastrophe, things will get really crazy really quickly if Biden and Democrats get their way

(Natural News) With it looking more and more likely that the globalists will get the war against Russia that they’ve long been pushing for, dating at least as far back as the Obama regime and Hillary Clinton heading the US Department of State seeking to demonize supporters of then-presidential-candidate Donald Trump as ‘Russian disinformation‘ peddlers, we’re going to take a look within this ANP story at the REAL reason the globalists, not Russia nor Ukraine, are pushing for an end times war.

(Article by Stefan Stanford republished from AllNewsPipeline.com)

Because with both the US and Russia evacuating their embassies in Ukraine pushing this crisis into unchartered territory according to this new story over at Zero Hedge, a story which warned that things could get really crazy really quickly now, we’re not the least bit surprised this is happening at a time when the entire ‘COVID/vax operation‘ has fallen apart on the globalists.

With Biden’s business vax mandate struck down by the US Supreme Court the beginning of that ‘unraveling‘, as Mike Adams points out in this linked Brighteon video, the globalists agenda is also collapsing upon them as ‘free humanity‘ across the US, Canada and all around the world ‘withdraw our consent‘ to be governed by tyrants.

And with tyrannies throughout history absolutely needing ‘compliance‘ from their subjects/victims to be able to function in the way they prefer to, often bluntly slaughtering those who’ve refused to give it, our modern day brings much of the same though with one huge difference: once STILL FREE people withdraw ‘compliance‘ and their ‘consent to be governed‘, tyrannical government has virtually nothing.


And while America is absolutely a ‘different beast‘ than other countries throughout the world and throughout history who have had tyranny imposed upon them, HUGELY because of the amazing wisdom of America’s Founding Fathers and the 2nd Amendment and the 450 million+ guns owned by law-abiding Americans, we can never forget that throughout history, the large majority of the most brutal crimes upon humanity of all-time have been carried out by ‘governments.

So with the entire covid/vax psyop‘ having so far failed to ‘cull‘ the number of people the globalists in their insane eyes believe they need to ‘eliminate‘ to ‘stave off global warming‘, and with the globalists ‘depopulation agenda‘ engraved in granite on the Georgia Guidestones for the whole world to see if they look deeply enough, guidelines which call for our planet Earth’s population to ‘remain’ at a steady 500 million (meaning over 7 billion of us will have to go!), the globalists are longing for war, so along comes Ukraine.

While the huge story on Friday evening screamed out warnings of World War III with US intel claiming a Russian invasion of Ukraine within days was imminent, according to this new story over at the Daily Mail that Steve Quayle had linked to on his website on Saturday, even Ukraine’s President is demanding to see that US ‘evidence‘, with Russia warning the globalists are ‘provoking war at any cost‘.

With one very real such ‘cost‘ of any such war between the US and Russia being an unstoppable Russian hypersonic nuclear weapon being detonated in the airspace above Washington DC or any other big US city, thus sending the Nation’s Capitol back to the dark ages, instantly, Biden and the globalists obviously aren’t thinking about THAT ‘cost‘ if they’re so eager to get America into a war we can’t get out of in one piece.

Scenes like the ones seen in the overlapping image above playing out across America would surely cement Joe Biden into place as the worst, (and likely the last as a full-scale military dictatorship takes over), US president in history.

So with even Ukraine’s president having so little trust in Joe Biden and US intelligence about a forecast ‘Russian invasion‘ that they’re demanding to see ‘the evidence, we remind you that just days ago, Bloomberg published a story reporting Russia had already started that ‘invasion, potentially deadly ‘fake news‘ that was launched upon the world by one of the globalists mouthpieces.

Why the HUGE RUSH, Bloomberg? Just trying to put out that story to get ahead of the rest, or insider knowledge of a US ‘false flag‘ to get the US into that war the globalists so insanely yearn for? As we’d reported just days ago on ANP in this story, they just LOVE their ‘false flags‘ to get them into wars they’d otherwise not be able to get into. Think such a thing a ‘conspiracy theory‘? This should sound very familiar.

Operation Northwoods was a proposed false flag operation against American citizens that originated within the US Department of Defense of the United States government in 1962. The proposals called for the CIA operatives to both stage and actually commit acts of terrorism against American military and civilian targets, blaming them on the Cuban government, and using it to justify a war against Cuba. The possibilities detailed in the document included the possible assassination of Cuban immigrants, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes to be shot down or given the appearance of being shot down, blowing up a U.S. ship, and orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities. The proposals were rejected by President John F. Kennedy.  

Fidel Castro had taken power in Cuba in 1959 and began allowing communists into the new Cuban government, nationalizing U.S. businesses and improving relations with the Soviet Union, arousing the concern of the U.S. military due to the Cold War. The operation proposed creating public support for a war against Cuba by blaming it for terrorist acts that would actually be perpetrated by the U.S. government. To this end, Operation Northwoods proposals recommended hijackings and bombings followed by the introduction of phony evidence that would implicate the Cuban government. It stated: 

The desired result from the execution of this plan would be to place the United States in the apparent position of suffering defensible grievances from a rash and irresponsible government of Cuba and to develop an international image of a Cuban threat to peace in the Western Hemisphere.

So after reading that, does anyone really think Biden and the globalists WOULDN’T use their mercenaries to carry out some kind of false flag to get the US into their much-needed war in Ukraine? Much of life on planet Earth hangs in the balance.

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