UK cops arrest, raid home of DISABLED women’s rights activist for being anti-transgender

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Image: UK cops arrest, raid home of DISABLED women’s rights activist for being anti-transgender

(Natural News) Police in the United Kingdom have arrested and raided the home of a gender-critical women’s rights activist due to her outspoken criticism of transgender ideology.

On January 23, Gwent Police in southeastern Wales in the U.K. detained 53-year-old Jennifer Swayne, who is disabled, for “suspicion of criminal damage and threatening or abusive writing likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.”

At the time of her arrest, Swayne, who relies on a mobility scooter to move around, was putting up posters as part of her women’s rights activism. She was kept in jail for over 12 hours. Police refused to give her back her medication, which she has to take for her severe bipolar disorder. She was released on conditional bail pending further investigation at 3:30 a.m. the next day. Gwent Police confiscated her phone and has not returned it at the time of writing. (Related: THOUGHT POLICE: U.K. to throw people in prison for criticizing transgender surgery that maims children.)

Upon her release, Swayne made a statement on her Twitter account pointing out that nothing she did violated the law.

“Gwent Police saw me as an exceptional threat to the [transgender] community by posting stickers and posters that did not mention [transgender people] once,” she wrote. “They were feminist in content and, I felt, pleasingly informative to women and concerned.”

Some of the stickers and posters Swayne put up featured slogans like “No child is born in the wrong body, humans never change sex,” “Women = Adult Human Female,” “No men in women’s prisons” and “Are you happy for your 13-year-old daughter to shower next to an adult man, yes or no?”


According to the Gwent Police, it carried out the arrest and detention after multiple people allegedly came forward to complain that posters Swayne had been putting up as part of her activism carried an “anti-transgender message.”

“We’ve received several reports in relation to posters containing offensive material appearing in Newport between October and January,” said Gwent Police Superintendent Vicki Townsend in response to Swayne’s arrest. “Officers on patrol in Newport saw a woman spraying stickers to two lamp posts.”

Gwent Police raided Swayne’s home and confiscated book critical of trans ideology

According to Swayne, upon her arrest, police officers executed a search warrant on her property and confiscated several items, including dozens of pro-women’s rights stickers and a book about transgender ideology and the theory and practice of converting children into transgenders.

The book, “Transgender Children and Young People: Born in Your Own Body,” is by Heather Brunskell-Evans, a feminist activist, social theorist and philosopher specializing in feminist philosophy. The book is a series of essays that takes a critical look at the theory and practice of turning children into transgender individuals. Brunskell-Evans serves as the editor of the collection.

“It was crammed with my notes,” wrote Swayne on her Twitter account. “MY THINKING IS BEING INVESTIGATED – not things, not materials, not actions, my actual thinking.”

Fair Cop, a British free speech organization, has come to Swayne’s defense and has accused the Gwent Police of “unlawful interference.”

Harry Miller, founder and chairman of Fair Cop, said in a statement that the posters Swayne put up around her town were a “political statement” and her expression of her opinions should not be criminalized.

His organization has pledged to provide Swayne with legal aid if she gets charged. Fair Cop will also set up a donation platform for her as soon as she requires additional funding for her legal needs.

“She’s been arrested on charges of vandalism, ‘hate crimes’ and public order offense,” wrote the organization. “Must be one hell of a turbocharged motor scooter. Just what do the police think they are doing?”

Swayne is just the latest in a series of men and women gender-critical activists who have been targeted for expressing pro-women – or “anti-trans,” as their detractors claim – views or publishing works that challenge transgender ideology.

“What Swayne and many others over the past few years have experienced is the weaponization of the state against citizens who are not on board with the LGBT agenda,” wrote Jonathon Van Maren for Life Site News. “The police can not only detain you, but raid your home – and when is the last time you read about cops ‘seizing a book’ in a Western nation? Worse – seizing a book as evidence of ‘wrong’ views?”

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