Biden commits to replacing Justice Stephen Breyer with a black woman, showing focus on race, gender rather than ability

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Image: Biden commits to replacing Justice Stephen Breyer with a black woman, showing focus on race, gender rather than ability

(Natural News) The Democratic Party is so full of hypocrisies and contradictions it is a wonder why anyone in America would support it or vote for its candidates.

On the one hand in this ‘woke’ age, we are told that there are dozens of ‘genders’ and that gender should not be a consideration for anything anyway. Ditto for skin color, race and ethnicity.

But then the party does an about-face almost immediately, focusing solely on race and one of the two actual genders when it comes time to make an important nomination, in this case, someone to replace retiring liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

Like his perspective or not, at least when he was nominated by then-President Bill Clinton in 1994, he was chosen for his judicial experience as well as his ideology. But today’s Democrat Party has been hijacked by “woke” lunatics who are to the left of Karl Marx and whose uber-liberalism can never be mollified or satisfied enough.

As such, our figurehead president, Joe Biden, has been told by his woke handlers that no matter what, he is to nominate a black woman to the nation’s highest court, period, because in fact, it’s the Democratic Party that is racist, bigoted and biased.

“I’m here today to express the nation’s gratitude to Justice Stephen Breyer for his remarkable career in public service and his clear-eyed commitment to making our country’s laws work for its people,” Biden said during a press conference ahead of Breyer’s formal retirement announcement. “Today, Justice Breyer announces his intention to step down from active service.”


“I’ve made no decision except (the) person I will nominate will be someone with extraordinary qualifications, character, experience and integrity,” Biden said in an address from the White House. Then, adding that, in reality, he has made somewhat of a decision: “And that person will be the first Black woman ever nominated to the United States Supreme Court.”

Legal and constitutional experts, including liberals like George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, were upset by his reliance on race and gender, which is especially hypocritical given that the high court has heard oral arguments in recent days against the use of race in admission standards and requirements by colleges and universities, and will be deciding that case by next June.

“Biden’s record on racial discrimination as president has not been good,” Turley wrote last week. “It is the same type of threshold use of race that resulted in federal programs in the Biden Administration being struck down as raw racial discrimination, including prioritizing black farmers for pandemic relief.

“There is also a current controversy in the Biden Administration’s use of race in distributing scarce Covid treatments. As with cities like New York, the Biden Administration has endorsed the use of race to give priority to African Americans in receiving such treatments. It was entirely unnecessary,” Turley added (and entirely unconstitutional as well).

“It is equally baffling why Biden needed to exclude other races and genders rather than include those issues as what the Court called a ‘plus’ on admissions,” he continued.

“Nothing, of course, prevented Biden from, like Reagan, seeking and selecting a female black candidate,” Turley went on. “That is why Biden’s decision to impose a racial and gender exclusionary rule was a political, not a practical, choice. Yet, it will now unnecessarily add a controversy to this nomination.”

He also said that whomever Biden nominates, should she win confirmation she will forever have an asterisk by her name as having been selected as an ‘affirmative action’ justice not one who is primarily known for her legal and judicial acumen.

Frankly, any black woman selected by Biden should be offended that he chose her first due to her skin color and her gender. But she won’t — at least, not enough to turn down the nomination — because she will be a like-minded hypocrite leftist without a shred of moral turpitude or ethics.

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