Majority of hospitalized COVID patients are fully vaccinated, report reveals

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Image: Majority of hospitalized COVID patients are fully vaccinated, report reveals

(Natural News) United States officials are still blaming unvaccinated individuals for the rising Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) hospitalization rates. In reality, however, many hospitals around the world are finding that most COVID-positive patients are those who already received two vaccine doses, and some of them have even received booster shots.

Data from Ontario, Canada, revealed that the majority of those diagnosed with COVID-19 are fully vaccinated individuals. According to January 14 data on hospitals in the province, there were 185 fully vaccinated individuals in the intensive care unit diagnosed with COVID, as opposed to 168 unvaccinated ones. There were also 2,035 fully vaccinated individuals hospitalized with COVID (excluding those in the ICU), compared to only 686 unvaccinated ones.

Official data also showed that nearly 90 percent of Ontarians aged 12 and up are already fully vaccinated, but the government’s definition of full vaccination may change if and when booster doses become mandatory. (Related: UK government data prove spread of COVID-19 mostly occurring among vaccinated citizens.)

Mainstream media in Canada was quick to report the rising hospitalization rates but failed to indicate who are the ones getting admitted. In an article published on January 12, for instance, a news station reported that over 500 COVID-positive Ontario residents were sent to the ICU, plus over 3,400 were hospitalized.

The report, which cited data from the Ministry of Health, stated that 54 percent were admitted seeking treatment for COVID-19, while 45 percent were admitted for other reasons but tested positive for the virus. While the information presented was important, what is noticeably missing from the story is the vaccination status of the patients. (Related: Studies show that vaccinated individuals spread disease… Should the recently vaccinated be quarantined to prevent outbreaks?)


While personal information should remain private, it is unjustifiable for the government and mainstream media to let unvaccinated patients shoulder all the blame regarding the spread of the virus – especially when fully vaccinated individuals can still catch, spread and get sick from the same thing.

Canadian Health Ministry spokesperson Alexandra Hikene said that the ministry is now evaluating the need to update reporting to distinguish between causal and incidental deaths related to COVID-19.

Vaccinated individuals can still spread COVID-19

Back in July 2021, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky announced that COVID is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” But the flaws in its logic became exposed on a terrifying scale. The risks appeared to have grown for everyone. It can no longer be denied that COVID has also become a pandemic of the vaccinated.

With data showing that two vaccine doses can still allow for frequent breakthrough infections and rapid spread of the disease, a previous bout of COVID seems to offer more protection.

About 150 million American adults have not received a booster dose. Given that the people in this group are less protected, they are still at greater risk of passing on the disease to unvaccinated or unvaccinated kids and immunologically vulnerable adults. They are also more likely to pass the coronavirus among themselves. (Related: Vaccinated people just as likely to spread delta variant as unvaccinated, study finds.)

Fully vaccinated individuals may still be at minimal risk to get seriously ill or die from COVID-19. But highly vaccinated areas could also see overwhelmed hospital systems because of the highly infectious omicron variant. This scenario could be especially dangerous if millions of people were to need hospital care all at the same time.

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