Bushwhacked by Alex Berenson on Fox News

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Image: Bushwhacked by Alex Berenson on Fox News

(Natural News) Alex Berenson goes on Fox News and directly calls me a liar to my face and says I didn’t invent RNA vaccines.

Unprofessional, rude and an arsehole to boot.

(Article by Robert W. Malone MD, MS republished from RWMaloneMD.Substack.com)

But beyond that, I think we can all assume CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.

So, for Alex, who evidently doesn’t know how to do an internet search, find a patent and read it – I will make it easy for him.

First – a couple of proof of principle experiments conducted in 1989 -from the patents with the priority date of 1989 (issued later, but the ideas/experiments date to March 21, 1989 as decided by the United States Patent Office)

Early Patents priority dates from 1989

The first patents:

Some of my papers and other patents on this subject area (1988-2000)

For a deeper dive into the actual data, patent disclosures, meeting notes, lab books, etc, go to this webpage.


Patents and papers – from the 1990s

For the written history of the early events, by Dr. Jill Glasspool Malone

Read more at: RWMaloneMD.Substack.com

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