The Big Logic: Lack of COVID-19 treatment protocol is reckless, says Dr. Peter McCullough

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Image: The Big Logic: Lack of COVID-19 treatment protocol is reckless, says Dr. Peter McCullough

(Natural News) Internist and cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough criticized the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) treatment protocol – or lack of it – in hospitals around the world. In a recent episode of “The Big Logic” with host Joe Rogan, McCullough talked about how health agencies were denying the public early treatment protocol for COVID-19, and how this could be considered reckless.

“The later we start something, the less effective it is,” McCullough said. “So if you want to show failure of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and monoclonal antibodies, apply it very late.”

McCullough pointed out that COVID-19 can lead to a fatal condition, yet doctors are not allowed to give their patients with life-saving meds in the emergency room – and by the time they are admitted, it is usually too late for monoclonal antibodies.

He also shared that in the U.S., there are only about 500 doctors who are giving monoclonal treatments, as the government has a grip over most of them. “I think they were personally fearful of taking care of patients. And they wanted someone to tell them what to do,” McCullough said of his colleagues.

“It’s just hard to imagine being a person denying treatment to someone that you know would be effective because you’re looking at some arbitrary rules that are written down that once they’re admitted to the hospital, you can’t give monoclonal antibodies, and then to cast this judgment on them,” he went on. (Related: Hydroxychloroquine should be available over the counter.)


McCullough explained that doctors spend too much time waiting for evidence instead of doing what they can to treat patients early. Sharing a story about a doctor he spoke with, McCullough explained that many believe they should follow the government’s guidelines in treating patients.

The guidelines instruct patients to stay at home and wait. Most of them wait until they could not breathe anymore, and that’s when they visit the hospital and get started with treatment.

“That is a reckless recommendation for America. It is reckless to recommend nothing,” McCullough noted. “In the setting of a fatal illness. Every serious fatal infection must be treated early. It’s only going to get worse. Why would we let this virus rip the body for 14 days or longer?”

McCullough pushes for early treatment

This is not the first time that McCullough expressed his disappointment about how the pandemic is being handled. In an interview with Tucker Carlson in 2021, he shared his views during his testimony in the U.S. Senate.

He explained then that there are four pillars to the pandemic response: first is to try to control the spread; second is to treat the problem and treat it early to avoid hospitalization and death; third is to get treated in the hospitals; and fourth is vaccination. (Related: Covid vaccines “most dangerous biological medicinal product rollout in human history,” says Dr. Peter McCullough.)

“There’s always a four-pronged approach. And what frustrated me is in the media cycle, all we heard about was reducing spread from our public health officials and then later on vaccination. We never actually heard about treating sick patients,” he said.

One of the drugs that McCullough uses is hydroxychloroquine, which he says does not only disrupt viral replication and packaging but treats the ravaging effects of the cytokine storm and microthrombosis, which are parts of the more dangerous, high-morbidity stages of COVID-19.

He explained that because of the fear of people not knowing how to handle the pandemic thus far, doctors err on the side of doing nothing, “almost as if we’re dealing with some type of contagion that you’d read in a Michael Crichton book.”

He explained that he’s going to try steroids or ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. “I’m going to add Lovenox and some other drugs. Of course, I am. And sure enough, myself and others found out over time we can get people through the illness.”

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