Air Force rejects requests from soldiers seeking medical exemption from covid vaccine mandates (are they trying to kill off the military?)

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Image: Air Force rejects requests from soldiers seeking medical exemption from covid vaccine mandates (are they trying to kill off the military?)

(Natural News) A member of the Air Force who requested a medical exemption from the military’s mandatory Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccination” policy has been rejected.

According to reports, the reservist went to a clinic in Texas and underwent allergy testing, which revealed that Fauci Flu shots are not safe for her body. She then received a letter that she presented to the Air Force for a medical exemption.

Unfortunately, the Air Force denied her request and is insisting she take the jabs even though they could kill her. (Related: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, a lawyer, says that covid vaccine mandates are illegal and unconstitutional.)

“She developed a positive reaction to intradermal testing to Polysorbate, indicating the potential for a significant allergic reaction to future COVID-19 vaccination,” the letter from the doctor reads.

“I respectfully recommend that the patient be granted a medical waiver for the COVID-19 vaccine.”

In response, the Air Force told the woman that she cannot receive an exemption “claiming an allergy to a preservative in the vaccine without having had the vaccine.” In other words, the woman is being told that she must take the injections to see what happens.

Much like the time when Nancy Pelosi said that Congress had to pass Obamacare first in order to learn what was in it (since neither she nor any other Congress critter actually read the thing), the United States military’s position is that servicemen must get jabbed to see what happens first before being granted an exemption after the fact.


“What it comes down to is you must take at least one COVID vaccine and have had an adverse reaction before you can claim an allergy to it,” Air Force officials said.

The military is now run by America’s enemies, which means soldiers are fighting for evil rather than against it

This Air Force policy flies in the face of recommendations by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which says that the contraindications to getting jabbed for the WuFlu include a “known diagnosed allergy to a component” of their formulas.

The CDC does claim that only the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) contains a polysorbate contraindication, and that there is only a “precaution” in place for the other brands such as Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.

“The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines don’t contain polysorbate but do contain polyethylene glycol,” reports The Epoch Times “[T]he compounds are related and cross-reactive hypersensitivity may occur between them.”

The CDC actually advises people like this Air Force reservist with known allergies to consult an allergist or immunologist, which is exactly what she did. However, the Air Force has rejected this guidance from the CDC and is pushing its own agenda.

“This is just crazy,” says R. Davis Younts, a lawyer now representing the reservist in a case against the U.S. military.

“They’re granting exemptions for people to retire if they’re close to retirement, there’s all these moving deadlines, there’s tons of reservists and other people that are still pending action but they can’t give her 30 days when the doctor is saying she may have a severe reaction? It’s crazy. I don’t understand what possible military purpose or otherwise that there could be from this. It feels very political.”

Thanks to the Feres doctrine, this reservist has no recourse in filing a medical malpractice claim should she take the injections as commanded and end up suffering an adverse reaction. She would also be prohibited from filing a negligence claim.

She is fighting as hard as she can to avoid having to get jabbed, and her lawsuit joins several others that have been launched against the Pentagon over similar exemption request rejections.

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