“Sounds like Nazi Germany”: Video shows McDonald’s kiosk in Israel denying service to customers without a COVID vaccine card

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Image: “Sounds like Nazi Germany”: Video shows McDonald’s kiosk in Israel denying service to customers without a COVID vaccine card

(Natural News) Though Israel is one of the most vaccinated and “boosted” countries against COVID-19, it was also among the first nations to impose a vaccine passport requirement on its people, which the government has labeled a “Green Pass.”

Nevertheless, the virus has continued to spread there virtually unchecked, leaving citizens with nothing more than far fewer liberties than before the pandemic began, which is the case in many Western ‘democracies.’

But the vaccine passport is particularly ironic for the Israelis, given what Jews faced last century thanks to the horrors inflicted upon them by Adolph Hitler and his murderous Nazi regime; before Jews were slaughtered wholesale, they were forced to self-identify with ‘papers’ and a Jewish ‘badge’ worn on their clothing in order to even participate in society, albeit with dramatically curbed liberties.

Now it seems history is repeating itself as a similar form of I.D. is once again required to participate in society. It is being used to literally deny Israelis food, as one citizen documented in a video taken at a Mcdonald’s restaurant kiosk recently.

As the man demonstrates, Israelis can’t order anything on the McDonald’s menu if their Green Pass status is not up to date, which, currently, means that citizens have to be double-jabbed and had to have gotten a COVID-19 vaccine booster as well. And now, Israel has approved another booster for immunocompromised people and elderly citizens.


“Sounds like Nazi Germany? That’s where we’re at. Welcome to Israel,” the man says after he demonstrates what happens if kiosk users choose the option of not having a Green Pass, which is, the kiosk resets to the home screen and denies the customer service.

“Mcdonald’s appears to be the first food provider in Israel to deny customers who do not have proof of vaccination,” a local news source noted regarding the highly discriminatory and disturbing video.


“Activist Shlomo Walfish went to the McDonald’s in Bet Shemesh to try to order food,” the report continued. “The computer that takes orders then denied him service after selecting that he does not have a green passport.”

It’s not just that Israelis can’t get a Big Mac and fries. Without a valid Green Pass, other public venues including bars, gyms, theaters, and retail outlets are denying access to citizens. But the kiosk demo appears to be the first example of a machine having been programmed to deny service to ‘unvaccinated’ customers — or, at least, anyone without the required electronic ‘papers.’

All in the name of public health and “safety,” the same excuses the Nazi regime used to persecute and then murder millions of Jews before and during World War II.

The local Israeli outlet further reported:

Last week, Israel365 exposed a scandal in the Health Ministry whereby most of the people on Israel’s corona advisory panel are not even medical doctors. Among them are veterinarians, security officers, spokespeople, clerks, attorneys, and a journalist.

“Raising even more eyebrows was the revelation that the Health Ministry, under recommendations from that same panel, approved the fourth booster before it was even tested at Sheba Hospital,” the report continued.

“Professor Gila Regev of Sheba, who is not a member of the corona panel, said that she opposes the approval of the fourth booster. Prof. Dror Mevurach from the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem concurs saying that the decision was not based on science and that if he was on the panel, he’d oppose the recommendation,” it added.

It has become patently obvious by now that the COVID-19 pandemic has been embraced by Western “democracies” as a means of exerting authoritarian control over their respective populations under the phony guise of ‘public health’ in ways that would have never passed legal or constitutional muster in the past.

But thankfully, at least in the U.S., mostly Republican-led states have figured out what’s going on and are pushing back against the COVID tyranny.

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