Survival essentials: 5 Solar-powered items you need for your homestead

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Image: Survival essentials: 5 Solar-powered items you need for your homestead

(Natural News) Solar power is cheap, renewable and abundant, making it a valuable resource when SHTF. Not having to depend on the power grid is a good start for being prepared for various emergencies.

But solar panels are the kind of investment that assumes you’re tethered to your home at all times, which isn’t always practical during an emergency. Fortunately, solar technology has advanced quickly over the past few years, resulting in many portable, solar-powered devices that make good investments for homesteaders and preppers alike.

Here are some solar-powered gadgets and equipment that will keep working as long as the sun is still shining: (h/t to

1. Solar-powered radio

Radio communication is more reliable than the internet when you’re living off-grid. A solar-powered radio is even more reliable since you only need the sun to keep it running. Having a reliable radio makes sure you stay up-to-date in case of bad weather, possible power outages and other emergencies.

Many solar-powered radios come with a flashlight and can be powered by a hand crank during cloudy days. Even though these radios can’t send radio signals, they often come with an emergency SOS feature that will blare a loud alarm and broadcast your location in case of an emergency.

2. Solar-powered lantern

Solar-powered lanterns make for efficient light sources because you can charge them for hours during the day and keep them on for hours at night. You’ll never have to worry about possible accidents with candles, kerosene lamps and other less efficient light sources.

Solar-powered lanterns are also lightweight, so you can easily add them to your bugout bag and camping pack. Some solar-powered lanterns are also waterproof and buoyant, so you can use them to attract fish and critters when fishing. There are high- and low-light options depending on your needs.

3. Solar-powered generator

A solar-powered generator is a handy piece of equipment to own in case the power grid falters. You don’t want to be stuck with a gas-powered generator when you’re running low on fuel.

Most solar-powered generators are also portable so you can take yours with you if you need to evacuate. Solar-powered generators are also relatively easy to set up and charge quickly as long as there’s sunlight. Even the smallest solar-powered generators can store enough juice to power lights, fans and small electronic gadgets.

4. Solar camp stove

Solar cookers or camp stoves are another reliable solar-powered equipment to own in case traditional cooking methods aren’t an option, such as if you’re bugging out or evacuating. Cooking food isn’t just a matter of preference but also a matter of survival. Cooking helps eliminate foodborne pathogens that can make you sick.

Cooking also partially breaks down food so that it’s easier to digest, which means you spend less energy digesting food. With solar camp stoves, you can cook as long as you have sunlight. (Related: Survival essentials: 9 Stealthy ways to cook after SHTF.)

5. Solar shower

A portable solar shower is a large, durable bag meant to hold water and heat it by absorbing heat from the sun. A portable solar shower can be handy in tough situations where hygiene may potentially become an issue. It is also a handy thing to have if you’ll be without power for an extended period of time.

You can hang a portable solar shower from a pole or tree branch and open the valve at the bottom to release the water. Stand under the bag as you would under a normal shower head and wash.

Plus, you can use a portable solar shower to heat water for washing dishes. You can even use the bag to hold your soap, shampoo and other hygiene products when you’re bugging out or evacuating.

Most portable solar showers can hold between three to five gallons of water.

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