Google provided funding for virus experiments of Wuhan collaborator Dr. Peter Daszak for over a decade

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Image: Google provided funding for virus experiments of Wuhan collaborator Dr. Peter Daszak for over a decade

(Natural News) A new report has found that Google funded research conducted by Dr. Peter Daszak’s charity, the EcoHealth Alliance. Daszak and his charity openly collaborated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in its research regarding coronaviruses.

The EcoHealth Alliance is a nonprofit that supposedly supports research regarding emerging diseases. Daszak, EcoHealth’s president, became infamous last year when he led the World Health Organization’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) investigative team on a strictly guided tour of Wuhan.

Daszak and his EcoHealth Alliance have been instrumental in discrediting the lab leak origin theory of the coronavirus. This theory suggests that the coronavirus was engineered in a lab in the WIV, where it leaked after it infected one of the institute’s personnel.

The EcoHealth Alliance is also guilty of funneling potentially millions in taxpayer dollars from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to the WIV, supposedly to conduct studies on bat-borne coronaviruses.

Google funded WIV research into coronaviruses through EcoHealth Alliance

Google’s charity arm,, has been funding the EcoHealth Alliance since at least 2010. This is according to various scientific studies procured by The National Pulse between 2010 and 2018.

One 2010 study, involving bat flaviviruses, lists Daszak and EcoHealth Alliance Vice President Jonathan Epstein as the authors. It thanks for providing funding for the study. A 2014 study authored by Daszak regarding henipavirus spillover was also partially supported by


Daszak and Epstein are also listed as the authors of another paper from 2015. This paper said it was “supported by funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development” (USAID) and

The USAID’s funding for the EcoHealth Alliance reportedly came from the Department of Defense. The Pentagon, through USAID, gave EcoHealth Alliance $39 million between 2013 and 2020. Some of this money even went to the WIV for its coronavirus research.

More importantly, a paper authored by EcoHealth Alliance researchers and funded by looked into the “perceptions associated with transmission of pathogens with pandemic potential in highly exposed human populations at the animal-human interface.”

According to The National Pulse investigative reporter Natalie Winters, this paper appears to be laying the groundwork for the “natural origin” theory of the coronavirus. It tries to support the possibility of SARS-like animal-borne coronaviruses being passed on to humans naturally through sites like wet markets.

Google funding of WIV considered one of the “biggest scandals” today

Political commentator and Fox News host Steve Hilton called The National Pulse’s report one of the “biggest” scandals he has heard of in a century. “I can’t think of a bigger one,” he said.

“It’s a really shocking story, and it just adds to this increasingly big mountain of evidence that we have got a massive establishment cover-up going on because the people at the heart of this know what they did,” said Hilton. “They’re covering it up because they know they’ve got a guilty conscience.”

Hilton explained that Google has been working around the clock since last year to discredit the lab leak theory and “try to direct people towards what they call the ‘natural origin theory’ – for which there is literally zero evidence.”

“They have been looking for evidence all over the world for the last year … and have found no evidence of [the natural origin theory]. That’s what Google has been pushing, especially YouTube, a division of Google,” added Hilton. “And now we know why, because they are implicated.”

A spokesperson for Google said on Tuesday, June 22, that the allegations being leveled against the company are “ludicrous and baseless conspiracy theories.”

“The one-off philanthropic grants referenced are years old and had nothing to do with COVID,” the spokesperson said. “We have engaged precisely zero times with this organization on any work related to COVID or the Wuhan lab.”

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