Twitter now censoring all criticism of Critical Race Theory in latest “thought police” crackdown to protect the racist, bigoted Left

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Image: Twitter now censoring all criticism of Critical Race Theory in latest “thought police” crackdown to protect the racist, bigoted Left

(Natural News) The conservative think tank Citizens for Renewing America (CRA) was suspended from Twitter for tweeting resources that challenge the racist ideology known as “Critical Race Theory,” or CRT.

Rachel Bovard, Senior Director of Policy for the Conservative Partnership Institute, explained that Twitter silenced CRA for merely sharing a toolkit that parents can use to try to combat the use of CRT at their children’s public schools.

Media Matters issued a “baseless and wildly untrue hit on the Center,” Bovard said, “and mere hours later, Twitter suspends their account. Big Tech working very hard to protect racist ideologies from criticism.”

According to CRA President Russ Vought, Twitter is claiming that his group’s Renewing America accounts were suspended not by actual humans but by “enforcement bots,” though Twitter would not reveal precisely what was flagged and why.

“This occurred soon after we launched an important anti-CRT tool kit and a radical left outlet put forward wild conspiracy theories about it,” he added in a tweet.

Entitled, “Combatting Critical Race Theory in Your Community,” the tool kit was made available to parents and others who are concerned about the anti-white indoctrination now being pushed on children who attend American public schools.

Part of the CRT curriculum involves teaching children that if they have lighter skin, they are inherently “racist” and hold lesser value than children with darker skin. Lighter-skinned children are basically being told that they are “privileged” and thus evil, while darker-skinned children are told that they are “victims” who deserve “reparations.”


All of this can easily be found in CRT dogma, yet Media Matters says anyone pointing this out is inventing “a conspiracy theory about the overthrow of America’s constitutional system.”

Media Matters says only a “white nationalist” would take issue with the CRT religion

In many ways, CRT is a religion based on left-wing dogmas that push hatred against white people and unfailing “love” for non-white people. And ironically, if you object to this doctrine, then you are a “white nationalist,” according to Media Matters.

For daring to create a tool kit that challenges the CRT religion, CRA was likened by Media Matters to the “infamous nationalist march in Charlottesville, Virginia.” In other words, when all else fails, just pull the race card.

This is no surprise coming from a group that took in more than $1.5 million from billionaire eugenicist George Soros between 2010 and 2014. Twitter might as well also be on the dole of Soros, as all it does is silence his political foes will elevating and amplifying the voices that push his agenda.

The Media Research Center (MRC) gave Twitter an “F” grade in its first Big Tech Report Card, which highlighted the platform’s censorship of Donald Trump and giving of a “sensitive content” label on an MRC graphic.

“The graphic described the results of a recent poll in which fifty-three percent of respondents answered ‘no’ to the question: ‘Should biological men be allowed to compete in women’s sports?'” Newsbusters reported.

Disney, by the way, which is arguably the most influential force in the lives of American children, is a full-fledged supporter of CRT. The company’s theme parks were caught pushing an anti-white agenda on its employees, encouraging them to go “woke” and hate white people.

“Every white Disney employee should quit this racist company,” one of our own wrote on that story. “Then they won’t have Snow White, they’ll only have Snow Brown.”

When pressed by MRC Free Speech America for confirmation about its suspension of CRA, Twitter reportedly did not respond with a comment.

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