STUPID: National Geographic says race is a made-up construct but whites should nevertheless be ashamed of THEIR race

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Image: STUPID: National Geographic says race is a made-up construct but whites should nevertheless be ashamed of THEIR race

(Natural News) There is little today coming from the left that makes any sense at all, and that is especially true when it comes to identity — identity politics, that is.

There are dozens of genders, in case you weren’t aware, not just two (male and female). Anyone can claim to be any of those genders they choose, and if you disagree, you’re a bigot.

Gender identity doesn’t stop there, however. The left insists we all use the “preferred” pronoun of the variable gender human, even if (especially if?) they are brand-new gendered pronouns no one has ever heard of before.

Race is something the left now says is fluid as well or, in the case of National Geographic, a once very informative and entertaining publication that explored interesting cultures rather than try to change them, there aren’t really any races at all. Race is just a manufactured construct; it was manufactured by white colonialists, no less, and by the way, race doesn’t matter and doesn’t exist unless you are white and if you are white, you need to live out your life hating yourself and feeling guilty.

Confused? We are, too, because none of this stuff makes any sense because the insane left makes no sense.

Information Liberation notes the silliness:

National Geographic editor in chief Susan Goldberg published a dramatic front-page article in 2018 stating that the concept of race is “a made-up label” with “no scientific basis.”

“There’s no scientific basis for race — it’s a made-up label,” the article title read.


“It’s been used to define and separate people for millennia,” said the subheadline. “But the concept of race is not grounded in genetics.”

Last week, Goldberg published an article bashing white people as a group that prominently featured a white woman declaring, “I’m ashamed for my ancestors’ race.”

Well, Susan, that makes one of us.

Anyway, here’s a tweet to prove it.

Only a self-hating, white, virtue-signaling liberal lunatic can say something like that at the same time her magazine is literally running a series discounting the concept of race.

“The article, which is part of the Race Card Project that asked half a million people over ten years ‘to describe their feelings on race in just 6 words,’ featured just a handful of people — almost all of whom exclusively bashed whites, mostly for perceived microaggressions,” Information Liberation continued.

Unexplained in any of this craziness is why anyone of color would want to remain in such a crappy, lousy, overtly bigoted and racist country like America when it sucks so bad. Because one of America’s qualities is that no one who isn’t in prison is being held here against their will. They are free to come and go as they please — to research a new destination and jump through all of the immigration hoops in their new chosen destination and just move there.

Wouldn’t that be a much better existence? Why be miserable all the time and purposely discriminated against because of your race?

Oh, wait — there is no such thing as race. Until someone of color wants to use it as justification for attacking every single member of another race, the vast majority of whom they don’t know and obviously know little about.

There are white racists in America, of course. What there is not, however, is white-dominated ‘systemic racism.’ That is simply a lie used by cultural Marxists who describe themselves as Democrat “liberals” to impose their will on society and punish white people over injustices from centuries ago.

Here is another truth: You don’t have to be white to be a racist, as plenty of ‘persons of color’ prove every day.

Including the self-haters at National Geographic.

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