UK healthcare workers may be forced to get injected with covid vaccines containing deadly spike protein

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Image: UK healthcare workers may be forced to get injected with covid vaccines containing deadly spike protein

(Natural News) The British government says it is “absolutely thinking about” making Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” mandatory for all healthcare workers, announced “vaccine minister” Nadhim Zahawi.

Back in March is when the government’s preparations for such a scheme were first announced, which many expect will prompt widespread lawsuits much like the one currently in motion against the Houston Methodist Hospital system in Texas.

Forcing employees to get injected with an experimental “medication,” the long-term effects of which remain unknown, is perhaps the most blatant violation of the Nuremberg Code that has come about in the last half-century, and simply cannot be tolerated.

According to Zahawi, the National Health Service (NHS) has “been consulting in terms of a condition of deployment into social care,” adding that “it’s only right that we look at the healthcare system as well.”

Zahawi further stated that he believes it is “absolutely the right thing” for the government of the United Kingdom to force Chinese Virus injections on government employees, even though the injections admittedly do not prevent infection or spread.

It would be “incumbent on any responsible government to have the debate,” Zahawi further contended in an interview with Sky News, suggesting that Big Brother has a responsibility to protect the most vulnerable “by making sure those who look after them are vaccinated.”

Human rights group says forced injections without consent are prohibited by “criminal law on assault”

As it turns out, forcibly injecting someone with a needle is a form of medical rape that violates criminal law on assault. This is explained by the U.K. Human Rights Blog, run by a team of barristers.


There is absolutely no jurisdiction for any government anywhere to mandate that someone be penetrated against their will, especially with a toxic substance that could cause them to suffer blood clots or death.

“There is nothing in the 2020 [Coronavirus] Act or its schedules that would allow for the introduction of subordinate legislation imposing mandatory vaccination,” the group explains on its blog.

“Therefore, the imposition of compulsory vaccination beyond the context of care homes is not currently permitted by law and would require an Act of Parliament.”

Back in February, Zahawi was claiming the exact opposite about mandatory Chinese Virus injections, calling the idea of a vaccine passport “discriminatory.” However, just days later, the story flipped in accordance with the whims of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his regime.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is on the record as having told LBC that the government of Great Britain has not yet ruled out the imposition of domestic vaccine passports that Brits would need to carry around in order to buy and sell.

Since that time, the NHS has already created an add-on to its app that allows for it to be converted into a vaccine passport when the time is right. This government-imposed vaccine passport would allow for Brits to travel abroad.

“I would rather resign than take the jab,” wrote one brave commenter at Newspunch, expressing what any true patriot would concerning this attempt at medical fascism.

“I have been buying tools and equipment getting ready to start my own business,” responded another. “In case this happens, I will not get a vaccine. No way.”

Others observed that the plan all along has been mandatory “mark of the beast” injections as a condition of participation in the “new normal.” Those who refuse the injection will be ostracized from society and treated like second-class citizens – all for an injection that, again, does not provide any protection against infection, nor against spread.

“This government is obviously trying to kill you,” another wrote plainly.

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