Texas looks to ban sex changes for minors, deeming the barbaric practice “child abuse”

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Image: Texas looks to ban sex changes for minors, deeming the barbaric practice “child abuse”

(Natural News) Legislators in the Lone Star State are working on new bills to prohibit “sex change” procedures for children and ban gender-confused children from playing on sports teams designated for the opposite sex.

Senate Bill 1646, which was recently heard in committee in the Texas Senate, would redefine the state’s child abuse laws to include “administering, supplying or consenting to provide” procedures to children that are designated as “gender transitioning or gender reassignment.” A similar bill recently passed in Arkansas, making it illegal to administer puberty blockers, cross-sex hormone drugs, or sex-change surgeries to minors.

Sen. Charles Perry, the lead sponsor of SB 1646, chided the idea of “gender transition” as an irreversible assault on humanity that deprives and robs children of a future.

“God gave us a season in life, and it’s to have innocence up to a certain point,” Perry stated during the hearing. “When parents interject things that rob [children] of that innocence, and really robs them of a future, we have a problem.”

Parents who violate the provisions of the proposed bill would be guilty of breaking the Texas Family Code, prompting a state investigation and possibly leading to loss of custody or other legal penalties.

Physicians who violate the provisions of the proposed bill by performing “gender reassignment” surgeries on children, or who prescribe minors cross-sex hormones or puberty blockers, would likewise face disciplinary measures by the state medical board.


Minor children are unable to give informed consent for permanent procedures and treatments that alter their hormones and body parts

Neither cross-sex hormones nor puberty suppression pharmaceuticals have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in transgender procedures, especially those conducted on minors. There have never been any clinical trials to test the drugs’ safety or efficacy, either.

Even so, governments of the West, including the United States and Great Britain, are heavily pushing the use of these drugs in children – as is the mainstream media.

“The deadly drugs pose risks of cardiac arrest, various cancers, and other life-threatening side effects, in addition to permanent infertility,” reports indicate.

“Research has consistently shown that gender dysphoria resolves naturally in around 90% of minors, including up to 98% of boys. Nevertheless, when exposed to puberty blockers and affirmed in their so-called transgender identities, virtually all adolescents advance to extremely destructive, often regretted interventions like?genital amputation.”

Texas Sen. Jill Glover, another Republican who helped author SB 1646, agrees. She also says that minors are unable to give informed consent for such treatments and procedures because they are far too young to understand what is actually going on, nor can they grasp the long-term impacts to their bodies.

“This bill gives children a chance to get to adulthood with intact bodies,” she stated.

If passed, SB 1646 would take effect on Sept. 1. A hearing on an identical bill in the Texas House Public Health Committee is also pending.

The committee already approved legislation to outright criminalize transgender procedures for children, allowing the Texas Medical Board to revoke the licenses of medical professionals who provide them.

Another pro-family bill, SB 29, would protect the integrity of women’s sports. All 18 Republicans in the Texas Senate voted in favor of it.

“This is about protecting female athletes and recognizing their accomplishments within their biological peer group,” Perry stated about SB 29. “Female athletes deserve their place in the record books for all of their hard work and dedication. We should not take that away from them.”

More than 30 other states are considering similar bills. Mississippi, Arkansas, and Tennessee have already passed such bills.

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