Survival-friendly locations: The 5 best (and worst) states for preppers

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Image: Survival-friendly locations: The 5 best (and worst) states for preppers

(Natural News) The success of your survival plan hinges upon where you live. Some states have a culture of preparedness while others have strict gun laws and are densely populated. These factors – culture, population density and gun laws, among other things – determine how survival-friendly a state is.

Best prepping states

It’s important to know which states are survival-friendly and which are not when deciding where to bug out. Here are the five most survival-friendly states: (h/t to

1. Utah

Utah is the best state for preppers for so many reasons. With the exception of the Salt Lake City area, it is sparsely populated, has friendly gun laws and lacks homeschooling regulations. Additionally, the tax rates and cost of living are below average, water quality is good and growing your own food is relatively easy. Meanwhile, government corruption and crime rates are moderate.

The state also fosters a culture of preparedness, thanks to its big Mormon population. The Mormon Church preaches preparedness among its followers, mandating them to stockpile months’ worth of supplies. As such, you can easily find survival products in Utah.

2. Idaho

Idaho is also a terrific state to become a prepper. The cost of living, population density, pollution level and crime rates are low while the water quality is commendable. Though farming can be a challenge and taxes are higher than average, Idaho is an overall excellent state for conservatives and preppers. It has friendly gun laws and boasts a high “Personal Liberty” rating. Many people are also preparedness-minded and there are numerous locations that make good survival retreats. The state also has no homeschooling regulations.


3. Montana

Montana is a classic survivalist state that ranks high in gun liberty. It has moderate cost of living, good water quality, low taxes, low population density and moderate crime rates. The downside is that Montana is home to the largest Minuteman missile base in the country, which makes it a prime military target in the event of war. (Related: Prepping basics: How to prepare for a nuclear attack.)

4. Washington

With the exception of the Seattle area, Washington is very survival-friendly. The population density and cost of living are average while water quality is excellent. The state also has no income tax and boasts a long growing season of 15o to 210 days per year. Its gun laws are moderate but are a little stricter when it comes to homeschooling.

5. Colorado

Some parts of Colorado are bad for preppers but many others can be survival-friendly. Outside Denver, the population density is low while the state’s cost of living is average. Some areas have a growing season of 180 days or so a year, though other areas are way below that. Taxes are below average while crime rates are low. Denver has strict gun laws but other parts of the state are gun-friendly.

Worst prepping states

Here are states that you may want to avoid:

1. Hawaii

Hawaii is the worst state for preppers. Because Hawaii is an island state, most necessities have to be shipped in, which makes it vulnerable to shortages in the event of societal collapse. Taxes and the cost of living are very high while government and police corruption are rampant. Gun laws are strict and the state is home to many military targets. If tourism dies, Hawaii will collapse in no time.

2. Rhode Island

Rhode Island is also a bad bug-out location. The tax rates, cost of living and population density are high while gun, property and homeschooling laws are restrictive. Because Rhode Island is so small, there really is nowhere safe to go when SHTF. (Related: Urban prepping: 10 Ways to prep in the city.)

3. Massachusetts

Massachusetts is an extremely crowded state with one of the worst traffic problems in the country. In addition, the state has a high cost of living, alarming crime rates and strict gun and homeschooling laws. Corruption is also rife at the state and local levels.

4. New Jersey

New Jersey is also densely populated and expensive to live in. It has prohibitive gun laws and corrupt, heavy-handed state and local governments. It’s also plagued by poor water quality and traffic problems.

The success of your survival plan is contingent upon where you live. Choose your bug-out location wisely to make the most of your preparations.

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