Cornell abandons race-based flu shot exemptions for “people of color” right before mandating Covid-19 vaccines for all students

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Image: Cornell abandons race-based flu shot exemptions for “people of color” right before mandating Covid-19 vaccines for all students

(Natural News) In anticipation of its upcoming “new normal” fall semester, Cornell University is rolling out a whole new set of requirements for on-campus learning that include permanent mask-wearing and mandatory Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injection for all students – including those with brown and black skin.

Lifting an earlier policy that seemed to exempt “people of color” from mandatory flu shots and other “uncomfortable” medical interventions, Cornell is now requiring all students regardless of race or skin color to get jabbed with a Chinese virus needle in order to be on campus this fall.

Cornell’s latest “woke” policy removes language that had previously offered exemptions to students with darker skin hues based on “longstanding systemic racism.” Because Western medicine causes some “people of color” to feel “concerned” that doctors might be trying to exterminate them with poisons disguised as “medicine,” Cornell had a special policy in place to exempt “minority communities” from its mandatory vaccination policy.

Things have changed, though, and Cornell has reneged that former policy. Now, all black, “indigenous,” and other colored students will be forced to either get jabbed or forego all future education at the institution.

“The surreptitious revisions reveal the cultural minefield that institutions of higher education are navigating as they consider mandating COVID-19 vaccines for students, staff and faculty as a condition of on-campus learning and employment,” writes Greg Piper for Just the News.


College students just need to self-identify as “staff” or “faculty” to avoid mandatory injection

It all started back in March when Rutgers University became the first institution of “higher learning” to announce that Chinese virus injections would be required for all students, save for those with medical or religious exemptions, wishing to attend classes on campus this fall.

Cornell and several other schools almost immediately followed suit, though some of them, including Fort Lewis College in Durango, Col., appear to not be honoring any exemptions except for faculty and staff, which for any reason they choose can decide not to be stabbed for Chinese germs.

In Texas, private institutions that receive public funding are prohibited from denying services based on refusal to show their vaccination status, this thanks to Gov. Greg Abbott who prohibited “vaccine passports” within the Lone Star State.

Still, colleges and universities across Texas are planning to limit vaccine objectors’ access to classrooms, residence halls, and other on-campus facilities as punishment for refusing the jab.

Up until this point, anyone who self-identified as “black” or “indigenous” had an escape from mandatory injection at Cornell. Being a “minority” at the school meant that you had access to special privileges that “whites” were barred from receiving, mainly forced medical interventions.

Now that this has changed, Cornell students wanting to avoid injection may have to come up with a new tactic such as “self-identifying” as “faculty” or “staff” in order to escape the egregious new policy. Since only students are presumably required to get jabbed at Cornell, why not “live your truth” by claiming to be a “trans-professor” who is exempt from the policy?

Americans who wish to be “free” moving forward are going to have to start getting creative if they want to continue living in this nightmarish hell without having their DNA permanently altered with an experimental gene therapy needle compliments of Anthony Fauci and communist China.

Another option is to perhaps start up a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine card forgery business that manufacturers fake vaccine passports for the non-jabbed. Such an operation could be necessary to protect you and your family against this irreversible genetic and chemical assault on humanity.

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