MLB has no problem playing games in Cuba and training in communist China, but Georgia is now the “human rights” problem

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Image: MLB has no problem playing games in Cuba and training in communist China, but Georgia is now the “human rights” problem

(Natural News) Major League Baseball (MLB) has decided to join the virtue signaling outrage mob by relocating its upcoming All-Star game from Atlanta to some other state that supports election fraud.

After Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed into law new legislation that makes it harder to steal elections, corporations galore pitched a fit and threatened to do business elsewhere. MLB just went ahead and did it.

According to the official narrative, tightening up the voting process to ensure that fake votes are not cast in an election is “racist” because it supposedly makes it harder for black people to vote. Consequently, Georgia is now being called “racist” for doing just that, and MLB is leaving in response.

“Like many Georgians, I am disappointed that the MLB is relocating the All-Star game; however, I commend the players, owners and League commissioner for speaking out,” tweeted failed candidate for Georgia governor Stacey Abrams.

“I urge others in positions of leadership to do so as well. As I have stated, I respect boycotts, although I don’t want to see Georgia families hurt by lost events and jobs. Georgians targeted by voter suppression will be hurt as opportunities go to other states. We should not abandon the victims of GOP malice and lies – we must stand together,” she added.

MLB endorses voter fraud, says “everyone participates in shaping the United States” because of it

What the left is basically saying with all this hoo-ha about voter suppression is that black people are simply too dumb to vote legally – their words, not ours. It is apparently too difficult for black people to bring the same identification to the voting booth that they use to open a bank account and drive their vehicles.


The left believes that “people are color” are just too darn stupid to follow the rules, which thus need to be watered down to the point that anyone with a pulse is able to drop a fake ballot into a street corner drop box to swing an election.

That is the purpose of all this, by the way. Democrats need voter fraud in order to “win,” so they are playing games with language in trying to convince Americans that maintaining proper voting standards is a “racist” act of voter “suppression.”

MLB agrees, though the league has no problem playing games in authoritarian Cuba or training its players in communist China where millions of Uyghur Muslims are being held in concentration camps because of their religious beliefs.

Just like the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Football League (NFL), MLB has chosen to play the role of corporate hypocrite by pretending to care about “human rights,” all the while benefitting from the lack thereof in countries like Cuba and China.

In a statement, Commissioner of Baseball Robert D. Manfred, Jr. offered up the usual plate of steaming nonsense, complete with a scathing exhortation of Georgia for failing to reject MLB’s “values” when it comes to “voting rights for all Americans.”

“Major League Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box,” Manfred is quoted as saying.

“In 2020, MLB became the first professional sports league to join the non-partisan Civic Alliance to help build a future in which everyone participates in shaping the United States. We proudly used our platform to encourage baseball fans and communities throughout our country to perform their civic duty and actively participate in the voting process.”

Manfred also threw in a token line of support for baseball legend Hank Aaron, who recently died after getting injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

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