Same liberals that said herbicides can’t make you gay now claim pollution can shrink your penis

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Image: Same liberals that said herbicides can’t make you gay now claim pollution can shrink your penis

(Natural News) One of fake “president” Joe Biden’s donors is back in the news cycle for hounding her theory that industrial pollution is causing men’s genitalia to shrivel.

Shanna Swan, a professor of Environmental Medicine & Public Health at Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine posits that penises are shrinking and genitals are “becoming malformed because of pollution.”

After repeatedly mocking the independent media for pointing out that toxic herbicide chemicals like atrazine are depleting male hormones and turning some amphibians into the opposite sex, it is apparently now politically expedient for the left to suddenly point out that “pollution” is harming men’s manhood now that China Joe is pushing for trillions of dollars’ worth of new climate initiatives to stop “global warming.”

Left-wing rags like VICE and PinkNews were quick to start churning out headlines in promotion of Swan’s theory and Biden’s agenda, both of which fail to pinpoint precisely which forms of “pollution” are harming men, and thus need to go.

Many of these outlets simply ran with crude headlines atop even cruder content, all with the intent of using shock value to push this latest left-wing narrative.

It is not that Swan is necessarily wrong, by the way. We know that synthetic chemicals are everywhere these days and many of them are, in fact, endocrine disruptors. The problem is that there is a clear climate agenda behind her theory, and the usual fake news suspects are perpetrating it in a suspicious way.


Even more suspicious is the fact that Swan is directly tied to Beijing Biden, who probably has no clue that he is even supporting these sweeping climate “reforms” that stand to completely bankrupt our country.

Pollution and pesticides are harmful, but what are Swan and Biden really up to?

A few things that Swan gets right include the link between phthalate chemicals and lowered sperm counts. She warns that phthalates, which are found in all sorts of plastic products, decrease sperm counts. With enough exposure to them, men could become infertile, she correctly says.

Swan has also, in the past, called out pesticides for interfering with human hormones, which is also accurate.

This is one area of toxic exposure that conservatives and conservative-leaning news outlets almost never address, the source for this article, Newsbusters, included. The piece contains a quote from JunkScience founder Steve Milloy lambasting Swan for suggesting that pesticides are harmful when people are exposed to far more “natural” EDCs (endocrine disrupting hormones) every single day.

The misnomer that natural chemicals are the same as synthetic ones is common, and this writer would not be doing our readers justice by pointing out that the right often gets this wrong. At the same time, Swan would seem to be pushing a different agenda – Biden’s agenda – that has nothing to do with protecting human beings against toxic exposure.

“Biden is planning to spend between $3 trillion and $4 trillion to juice the economy again, but ‘[t]ackling climate change and shifting to clean energy will underpin virtually every part of the package,'” writes Newsbusters‘ Joseph Vasquez, quoting The New York Times.

In other words, the cover story of men’s reproductive organs suffering size failures due to pollution is to distract from the Biden regime’s efforts to stamp out fossil fuels and replace them with wind turbines and solar panels.

“MRC Business reached out repeatedly to Swan for comment through phone, email and Twitter, but has received no response as of the publication of this piece,” Vasquez further noted about the elusiveness of Swan.

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