Big Tech aggressively censoring RELIGIOUS content and groups, all while protecting Satanism and pedophilia

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Image: Big Tech aggressively censoring RELIGIOUS content and groups, all while protecting Satanism and pedophilia

(Natural News) A new report from the Napa Legal Institute found that Big Tech is now censoring religious groups and figureheads at a rate of about one per week, even as these same tech platforms protect and promote pedophiles and Satanists.

LifeSiteNews (LSN), for example, had its YouTube channel permanently removed and banned by Google back in February based on the excuse that it was spreading “Covid-19 misinformation.” Google, which owns YouTube, declined any further explanation for the move, which resulted in all of LSN’s videos being deleted without notice.

Based on an earlier flagging incident, LSN believes Google took issue with a video it published of a Catholic bishop warning against Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines that contain ingredients made from aborted human fetal tissue.

“Our best guess is that the channel was taken down for our frank and factual discussion of the controversy around abortion-tainted medicines and vaccines,” stated LSN’s editor in chief.

Back in January, Bishop Kevin Doran, an Irish Catholic, incurred similar wrath from Twitter after he tweeted a message about how assisted suicide “is not an expression of freedom or dignity” as is claimed by its proponents.

Twitter not only removed the “offensive” tweet but also banned Bishop Doran from further tweeting anything. Massive public opposition later prompted Twitter to reverse the ban, but this does not always happen depending on the popularity of the person or account that was targeted.

Also in February, Twitter blocked a post from Daily Citizen, a news source run by Focus on the Family, that respectfully challenged the underlying premise of transgenderism. Twitter ultimately decided to suspend the Daily Citizen account because of this post.


Other victims of Big Tech censorship include the Catholic World Report; Ryan T. Anderson of the Ethics and Public Policy Center; Paul Kengor, author of “The Devil and Karl Mark;” and Carrie Gress, who wrote a book on “rescuing the culture from toxic femininity.”

Kimberly Cook’s “Motherhood Redeemed,” which is “a book that challenges feminism in the modern world,” is not allowed to be advertised on Facebook, while the Susan B. Anthony List has repeatedly been “fact checked” by Facebook for making “misleading claims.” And the list goes on and on.

In the world of Big Tech, good is evil and evil is good

Meanwhile, Reddit moderators of the “trans” variety are spreading child pornography across the platform with the blessing of the Big Tech gods, which have no problem with child sex trafficking and other perversions.

“Cuties” continues to be streamed on Netflix, and Jack Dorsey has enshrined in the Twitter platform’s “terms of service” that the free speech “rights” of pedophiles must be protected. At the same time, criticizing pedophiles on Twitter is a violation of its “community standards.”

Isaiah 5:20 warns about all this:

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

By promoting what is evil and prohibiting what is good, Twitter, Facebook, Google and the rest are revealing to the world their true purpose. They are also fulfilling Bible prophecy, which promises that all such evil will eventually be dealt with in good measure.

“Thirty or 40 years ago, these freaks would have been hanged by parents, but now they are designated by the left as a ‘protected group,'” wrote one commenter at The Gateway Pundit about pedophiles and the tech overlords who protect and promote their deviant actions against innocent children.

“This country is profoundly sick,” wrote another.

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