Florida steals custody of child after mother observed not wearing mask in photo

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Image: Florida steals custody of child after mother observed not wearing mask in photo

(Natural News) Broward County District Judge Dale C. Cohen has ordered that the young son of a mother who was caught not wearing a face mask in a social media photo be taken by the state for his “health and safety.”

Even though Melanie Joseph has an asthma diagnosis and is thus medically exempt from having to wear a mask for her own protection, Cohen decided that she is a “danger” to her own son because she does not cover her mouth and nose with Chinese plastic at all times.

Joseph appeared with Stew Peters on his “Patriotically Correct” show to talk about the heinous case. She revealed that Cohen barred her from ever seeing her son again unless she agrees to be injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). Joseph would also need to be masked at all times in order to visit with her son.

Joseph is not a wealthy woman and needs help finding and paying for an attorney. A GoFundMe page has been set up for her to help raise much-needed funds to fight this egregious tyranny and affront to parental rights.

As of this writing, Joseph has raised $14,686 out of the $100,000 she seeks to fight against Cohen’s ruling.

“This is the nightmare Melanie Joseph and her son Logan have been thrust into since Sept. 8, 2020,” the GoFundMe page explains. “A nightmare created by an activist judge who takes it upon himself to punish anyone who differs from his own opinions or chooses to exercise their constitutional rights.”

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If you care about your freedom, get off social media for good

Despite the fact that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis put an end to such tyranny at the state level, some Florida communities are still abusing their residents over the wearing of masks.

Joseph’s case also began before DeSantis ended the state’s lockdown mandates and prohibited local municipalities from enforcing unconstitutional mask mandates. She is now caught in the middle hoping for a miracle.

“Melanie is a wonderful, loving mother who has been stripped of her parental rights by a judge with very strong opinions on ‘covid culture,’ mask mandates, and has no respect for medical freedom of choice,” the GoFundMe page further explains.

“Her son Logan has been effectively ripped away from her by his vindictive father using current events and a corrupt justice system to his advantage. The presiding judge has chosen to remove all of Melanie’s rights to her son based on the opinion that she is a ‘danger to her son’ based off of a single photo copied from Melanie’s social media.”

Once again, we are seeing the life-altering consequences of using social media, which now functions as a source of incriminating evidence for tyrants to harm the just. In this case, Joseph’s ex-husband used a single photo of her to effectively steal custody of his son.

The state also saw an opportunity to separate a child from his mother using the Chinese virus as an excuse. We expect to continue seeing these types of cases as long as Americans continue to comply with mask mandates and other pseudoscientific tyranny.

“First of all, forcing this mother to get vaccinated after having lost her child is a flagrant violation of the Nuremberg Code,” wrote one commenter at Red Voice Media. “According to this code, human experimentation such as this is illegal.”

“She needs an excellent lawyer who will sue that judge for at least $5 billion in damages,” this same commenter added, noting that DeSantis should intervene to stop the state from kidnapping Joseph’s son.

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