America in 2021 is a third world dump

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Image: America in 2021 is a third world dump

(Natural News) The United States is undergoing a transformational shift. What was once a prosperous, homogenous bastion of liberty is collapsing into a third world cesspool of debt-ridden, multicultural chaos, not to mention the fact that the nation now has a two-tiered justice system just like every other failed state throughout history.

With Beijing Biden and his fascist regime occupying the White House, America is ripping at the seams like perhaps never before in its history, save for the first Civil War. By the looks of it, the country is headed towards a second internal melee, this time predicated upon Republicans versus Democrats.

The Jan. 6 false flag “siege” appears to be the flash point of this budding conflict. Conservatives who support Donald Trump are being rebranded as “terrorists,” and communist leftists are the brownshirts ready to round them all up and dispose of them.

Even though far-left Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa terrorists ravaged the country back in the summer, almost none of them are facing justice. Meanwhile, any Trump supporter who was present at the Capitol on Jan. 6, even if they were nowhere near the Capitol building, has been promised persecution by the occupying regime.

Merrick Garland, China Joe’s pick for attorney general, indicated during his opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Feb. 22 that he plans to hunt down the “white supremacists” who stormed the Capitol building. This tracks the same language put forth by Nancy Pelosi, who has repeatedly blamed “white supremacy” for the Jan. 6 uprising.


If you protest as a Republican, in other words, then you are a “white supremacist” and a “terrorist” who deserves to lose your job and go to jail. If you are a BLM or Antifa comrade who burns down cities in the name of “black lives,” on the other hand, then you are a brave victim of “systemic racism,” the “patriarchy,” and other such words that trigger the Left.

“Remember when they called the last president a ‘fascist?’ His critics walked the streets unimpeded,” Tucker Carlson of Fox News stated during a recent segment. “That’s not true anymore. Joe Biden’s DOJ (Department of Justice) is cracking down on the Jan. 6 ‘insurrectionists.'”

“They even made sure Chewbacca guy didn’t get out of jail; he’s still there tonight. But it turns out that not all insurrectionists are treated equally. We’re now learning that many of the last year’s rioters, actual rioters, the people who attacked the federal courthouse and ruined small businesses, are not even facing prosecution anymore.”

Leftists rioters are almost never charged, but conservative protesters are being jailed without bail

Carlson spoke with New York Post‘s Miranda Devine, who expanded on his points with more data. Almost every “anti-cop rioter” from last summer, she explained, was released from jail without bond, and all charges were eventually dropped.

This happened to some 400 rioters in New York who were arrested back in June, only to be released with no charges. Washington, D.C., rioters were likewise given a free pass after being caught burning vehicles and destroying property as a show of solidarity with George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

“And in Portland, where police were attacked with Molotov cocktails and bricks and a federal courthouse were under assault for months; rioters there, 90 percent of them had their charges dropped,” Devine added.

“And by contrast, you have the people arrested over the capital riot. Most of them are still in jail two months later. They have been transported to a jail in Washington, D.C. from all around the country, far from friends and family; they’re not allowed … they’ve been refused bail or bond.”

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