Urban Dictionary bans “Blue Anon” label, proving they are part of the Blue Anon movement that pushes censorship and left-wing conspiracies

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Image: Urban Dictionary bans “Blue Anon” label, proving they are part of the Blue Anon movement that pushes censorship and left-wing conspiracies

(Natural News) To illustrate the insanity of leftist “newspeak,” conservatives have launched two new concepts that are sure to trigger Democrats into a maniacal meltdown: SuperStraight and Blue Anon.

Since the Cult of LGBTQ says it is “transphobic” for a straight person to not want to date a transsexual that claims to be a different sex than what biology dictates, SuperStraight was birthed to identify straight people who are only interested in dating people of the opposite sex.

“This is a new sexuality that means that you are only attracted to cisgender women or men,” the SuperStraight movement says. “This was made due to an influx of people saying that you aren’t straight if you aren’t attracted to trans women / men. We are part of the LGBTQ+ now.”

Demonstrating the utter silliness of the LGBTQ religion’s deranged dogmas, SuperStraight even came up with its own flag colors: orange and black. The goal is to get them added to the bastardized “rainbow” color array of the official LGBTQ flag.

You can see how SuperStraight works below:


LGBTQ cultists have been quick to condemn the SuperStraight movement. Defying their own illogic, these cultists claim that SuperStraight adherents “can’t just make up” their own “sexual and gender ideology,” which is exactly what the Cult of LGBTQ is doing by claiming that men who alter their body parts can become “women,” for instance.

Racist leftists call Candace Owens “Aunt Tom” for joking about Blue Anon

As for Blue Anon, this play on the QAnon meme is meant to show the utter stupidity of leftists who claim that all conspiracies that scare them or seem too crazy to actually be true stem from Russian internet trolls operating under the banner of the Q movement.


Blue Anon actually created its own entry in Urban Dictionary before the tech platform removed it – a first for Urban Dictionary seeing as how the platform exists as a resource for this type of subculture terminology.

Before it was removed, the Blue Anon entry stated that it is:

“A loosely organized network of Democrat voters, politicians and media personalities who spread left-wing conspiracy theories such as the Russia Hoax, Jussie Smollett hoax, Ukraine hoax, Covington Kids hoax, and Brett Kavanaugh hoax.”

The entry goes on to explain that:

“Blue Anon adherents fervently believe that right-wing extremists are going to storm Capitol Hill any day now and ‘remove’ lawmakers from office, hence the need for the deployment of thousands of National Guard stationed at the U.S. Capitol.”

Google was quick to remove all references to Blue Anon, instead directing users to random pages about ski goggles and other things:

Since Urban Dictionary, Google and other Big Tech platforms epitomize Blue Anon, the term had to go. There is simply no room on the internet for a satirical critique of the mainstream media’s endless ranting about QAnon, so censorship is once again having to be deployed to nip it in the bud.

Twitter, an echo chamber hive for leftists, has been shrieking nonstop ever since Blue Anon became a thing. One deranged user wrote that there is “no such thing as blueanon,” adding that the only real conspiracy theory is “ridiculous QAnon.”

Candace Owens was also raked over the coals by racist Twitter trolls who accused her of being an “Aunt Tom,” a female derivative of Uncle Tom.

“These terms are obviously ridiculous, but that’s the point,” writes Joel Abbott for Not the Bee. “The absurdity of these worldviews has to be pointed out to keep us from taking this clown world seriously.”

More related news about BlueAnon leftist insanity can be found at Libtards.news.

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