Wall Street Journal censored by Big Tech for daring to mention naturally-acquired covid-19 immunity

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Image: Wall Street Journal censored by Big Tech for daring to mention naturally-acquired covid-19 immunity

(Natural News) Like a coordinated machine, Big Tech does not allow scientific debate on infection recovery, treatment or natural immunity. Any information about the futility of lock downs and forced medical edicts is censored as “misinformation.” The message of fear and control is the only narrative allowed to persist on social media. Even the mainstream Wall Street Journal is finding this out. After publishing an op-ed about natural infection and herd immunity, the WSJ was warned that the information was “not credible”, “misleading” and “potentially harmful.” Facebook is taking steps to limit the spread of this information because it does not promote the idea that mandatory vaccines are the only way to herd immunity.

Big Tech promotes Big Pharma propaganda about herd immunity to garner support for mandatory vaccines

The censored opinion piece was written by John Hopkins’s surgeon, Dr. Martin Makary. The title of his article was: “We’ll Have Herd Immunity by April.” He wrote that Americans will have enough herd immunity from natural infection and vaccination to sharply reduce the spread of covid-19 by the Spring. Because the article referenced natural infection and naturally-acquired immunity as part of the equation for herd immunity, Facebook was quick to flag the story. The only message about herd immunity that is allowed on social media is one that promotes vaccination as the only answer to infectious disease. This is how the pharmaceutical industry brainwashes people to support mandatory vaccination. They desperately want people to believe that herd immunity is only achieved through vaccination, that healthy people cannot face infection and cannot survive without the savior of vaccines.


The original concept of herd immunity was first realized during the measles epidemic in the 1920s and 1930s. When enough people acquired the infection in the community, a certain threshold of immunity was attained, preventing the spread of the infectious virus to vulnerable people in the population. The vaccine industry hijacked the term herd immunity to make people think that vaccines must be mandatory in order to stop the spread of an infectious disease. Vaccines can be part of the solution, but they can impede herd immunity if the science does not impart long lasting immune response to the selected viruses, if the vaccine damages immune systems, or if viral shedding causes more infection in the community.

WSJ takes a stand against Facebook censorship

The WSJ Editorial Board responded to Facebook’s censorship. Facebook is “vetting and stigmatizing the content of reputable publishers” while “increasingly adding phony fact checks and removing articles flagged by left-leaning users without explanation,” the Board wrote, while accusing Big Tech of “silencing doctors with opposing views in an effort to shut down scientific debate.”

Facebook’s “Missing Context” label was added to the WSJ article link, warning all users that the information “could mislead people.” The third-party fact check was provided by Health Feedback, a well-funded propaganda outfit financed by the World Health Organization’s “Vaccine Safety Net.” The WHO is working with the vaccine industry to quash any scientific debate about vaccines, adverse events, and natural immunity. The fact checking operation gave the article a “very low” credibility rating and wrote: “Misleading Wall Street Journal opinion piece makes unsubstantiated claims that the U.S would have herd immunity by April 2021.” When content is deemed misleading, Facebook “takes action to ensure fewer people see the misinformation.”

“Scientists often disagree over how to interpret evidence,” The WSJ Editorial Board wrote. “Debate is how ideas are tested and arguments are refined. But Facebook’s fact checkers are presenting their opinions as fact and seeking to silence other scientists whose views challenge their own.”

Big Tech made it clear in 2020 that they will not allow “false claims” or incomplete and out-of-context information about covid vaccines. The only content supported across social media is vaccine worship. It’s becoming abundantly clear that Big Tech is a mind control device, controlling scientific debate so people are more willing to accept a life of fear and control, lost freedoms and mandatory vaccines.

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