Now that Biden is bombing Syria, Democrats are silent

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Image: Now that Biden is bombing Syria, Democrats are silent

(Natural News) Back in 2018 when President Donald Trump order strategic airstrikes against Syria to supposedly hamper the nation’s ability to attack America’s armed forces stationed in Iraq, virtually every Democrat lawmaker condemned the attack. However, now that Dementia Joe is bombing Syria, not a single Democrat is saying a word.

Why is that, you might be asking? Because Democrats are partisan to the core. It does not matter if a Democrat president does the exact same thing as a Republican president. If a Democrat does it, there is no problem. If a Republican does it, all hell breaks loose.

While such partisanship is present within the GOP as well, it is not nearly as prevalent as it is among Democrats. Democrat “success” is contingent, in large part, upon toeing the party line while attacking every single thing Republicans say or do. And amazingly, there are people that follow and support this insanity as if it was normal.

“Some went so far as to defend Bashar al Assad,” writes Chastity Mansfield from the NoQreport about how Democrats responded to Trump’s bombing of Syria. “Others ignored Assad and focused on Syria’s sovereignty. It all came down to one thing: President Trump made the call and every call President Trump made was opposed by Democrats.”

“Joe Biden made the same call [on Feb. 25] and thus far has suffered from nearly zero attacks from these same lawmakers.”

China Joe is a war criminal

To make matters worse, there is less reason to bomb Syria today than there was back when Trump did it. The Middle East is relatively peaceful, or so we are told, at least as it pertains to American interests.


“These airstrikes may or may not have been necessary, but they’re definitely less necessary than the ones President Trump ordered,” Mansfield adds. “Nonetheless, we’re not seeing the pushback.”

Both Kamala Harris, the alleged “vice president,” and Jen Psaki, the current White House “press secretary,” tweeted their outrage at Trump’s decision to strike Syria. Neither of these two said anything when China Joe did the same thing, though.

“Also what is the legal authority for strikes?” asked Psaki a few years back. “Assad is a brutal dictator. But Syria is a sovereign country.”

“The president needs to lay out a comprehensive strategy in Syria in consultation with Congress – and he needs to do it now,” declared Harris, referring to Trump.

Did Beijing Biden consult with Congress before his recent decision to bomb Syria? Does Sleep Joe have some kind of comprehensive strategy in Syria that he has yet to present to the American people as justification for this aggressive military move?

The answer to these two questions is no, of course. Hunter’s dad barely knows where he is at any given time, let alone why his regime is once again stirring the pot in the Middle East.

If Trump was wrong for bombing Syria, then Biden is very wrong for doing the same thing at a time when doing so appears to be completely unnecessary as it concerns American interests.

“It was always the wrong move according to mainstream media,” Mansfield says about the position long taken by CNN and MSNBC about bombing Syria. “But as Biden puts troops back into Syria and orders similar airstrikes, major media outlets are practically bestowing Biden with a preemptive Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.”

“To Democrats, principles are not defined,” she concludes. “They are malleable to suit the given situation. Core beliefs are fickle and partisanship reigns supreme. They do not judge actions outside of the actor, which is a pitiful way of governing.”

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