Award-winning scientist says coronavirus was created at Wuhan lab

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Image: Award-winning scientist says coronavirus was created at Wuhan lab

(Natural News) New research out of the University of Hamburg in Germany found that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) was, in fact, created in a Chinese lab.

According to world-renowned researcher Roland Wiesendanger, the Wuhan Institute of Virology is the true “cause” of the Chinese virus, not bats at a Wuhan wet market as the world was originally told.

The paper challenges the two prevailing narratives that the WuFlu either escaped a wet market or is the product of a laboratory “accident.” In Wiesendanger’s view, neither narrative holds water.

“To date, there is no scientifically based rigorous evidence for either mentioned theories,” Wiesendanger, a three-time recipient of the prestigious European Research Council, is quoted as saying.

Wiesendanger’s 105-page report goes on to ask questions about whether the current global crisis really is just a coincidence, or if it was plotted years ago by the likes of billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates to usher the planet into a new world order.

“[I]s the current global crisis actually the result of a coincidence in nature – a coincidental mutation of a coronavirus a bat with the assistance of an intermediate host – or the result of a Scientist carelessness when carrying out the project is high-risk research with global pandemic potential?” the paper reads.

In response to his own question, Wiesendanger cited 600 incontrovertible facts to prove his claim that “the number and the quality of evidence clearly indicate a laboratory accident at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.


A summary outlining Wiesendanger’s key points highlights the fact that the host of COVID-19 still has not been identified, even though it “couple[s] surprisingly well to human cell receptors.” It also explains that the Wuhan lab:

“… carried out genetic manipulations on coronaviruses for many years with the aim of making them more contagious, dangerous and deadly for humans.”

There’s no further denying that coronavirus originated at Wuhan Institute of Virology

In contrast to earlier coronavirus-related epidemics such as SARS and MERS, the origin of COVID-19 simply cannot be explained any other way than a laboratory creation.

“The zoonosis theory as a possible explanation for the pandemic therefore has no sound scientific basis,” the paper explains.

Chinese germs also contain special cell receptor binding domains that are connected to the novel furin cleavage sites of their spike proteins.

“Both properties together were previously unknown in coronaviruses and indicate a non-natural origin of the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen,” the paper adds.

People who read only mainstream “news” are probably also unaware of the fact that there is an entire research group in Wuhan that exists for the purpose of genetically modifying (GMO) coronaviruses to make them more contagious, dangerous and deadly for humans.

“This is proven by numerous publications in the scientific specialist literature,” Wiesendanger reveals.

There were also major safety problems at the Wuhan Institute of Virology at the time when COVID-19 emerged out of “nowhere.” Putting two and two together, it becomes clear that this lab was, in fact, responsible for releasing the virus.

Interestingly enough, a young scientist who worked at the facility is said to be the first person ever infected with the WuFlu. This further bolsters Wiesendanger’s claim that the virus originated at this facility, which is China’s only level-4 biosafety lab.

“There is ample independent evidence that a young researcher from the Wuhan Institute of Virology is the first to deal with the novel coronavirus and was thus at the beginning of the COVID-19 infection chain,” Wiesendanger concludes.

“The entry on the website of the institute has been deleted and has been considered as disappeared.”

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