Biden regime picking up where Obama left off with one scandal after another as spokesman suspended for threatening female reporter

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Image: Biden regime picking up where Obama left off with one scandal after another as spokesman suspended for threatening female reporter

(Natural News) Barack Obama and Joe Biden have regularly said theirs was a “scandal-free administration,” and while the two of them lied like it was their job while in office for two terms, that one is the biggest whopper of all.

Operation Fast and Furious; the IRS scandal; the lies about Obamacare; Benghazi, where they left Americans to die; and finally Spygate/Russian collusion hoax. There were many others, but those are the ‘high spots.’

Now, just a few weeks into his regime, Biden’s administration is suffering through its own scandals.

According to a report by Vanity Fair, deputy press secretary TJ Ducklo, who was Biden’s campaign press secretary, threatened Politico reporter Tara Palmeri when she discovered he was having a romantic relationship with another female reporter with Axios, Alexi McCammond.

Yes, that’s right: Of all the women in the world, a Biden press secretary settled on a romance with a mainstream media reporter. What could go wrong? 

And we’re told the Democratic media aren’t ‘in bed with’ Democratic regimes. How wrong — literally.

Vanity Fair noted: 

The confrontation began on Inauguration Day, January 20, after Palmeri, a coauthor of Politico’s Playbook, contacted McCammond for comment while one of her male colleagues left a message for Ducklo, according to sources. […] But instead of calling the male reporter who initially contacted him, Ducklo tried to intimidate Palmeri by phone in an effort to kill the story. “I will destroy you,” Ducklo told her, according to sources, adding that he would ruin her reputation if she published it.


During the off-the-record call, Ducklo made derogatory and misogynistic comments, accusing Palmeri of only reporting on his relationship—which, due to the ethics questions that factor into the relationship between a journalist and White House official, falls under the purview of her reporting beat—because she was “jealous” that an unidentified man in the past had “wanted to f**k” McCammond “and not you.” Ducklo also accused Palmeri of being “jealous” of his relationship with McCammond.

The dust-up has led to punishment though. Sort of.

“TJ Ducklo has apologized to the reporter, with whom he had a heated conversation about his personal life,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki, whom Ducklo answers to, said in a statement. “He is the first to acknowledge this is not the standard of behavior set out by the President.”

“In addition to his initial apology, he has sent the reporter a personal note expressing his profound regret. With the approval of the White House Chief of Staff, he has been placed on a one-week suspension without pay. In addition, when he returns, he will no longer be assigned to work with any reporters at Politico,” she added.

Wow. One week. How will he ever come back from this?

In fact, the lack of real punishment just compounds the scandal, especially given what Biden said last month he would fire any appointees if they mistreated a colleague, “no ifs, ands, or buts.”

In a January 21 video conference, Biden assured staff that he will lead an administration with “core American values” featuring “humility and trust.”

“Everybody is entitled to be treated with decency and dignity,” Biden said. “That’s been missing in a big way the last four years.”

“I am not joking when I say this … if you ever work with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect … talk down to someone, I promise you I will fire you on the spot … on the spot. No ifs, ands, or buts,” the president warned.

So much for that. Again, that lie compounds this scandal.

As for Ducklo, he’s not said anything publicly as of yet, and neither has Palmeri. But it’s barely been three weeks and already Biden’s regime is imploding.

Who knew?

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