Relative of Shanghai-based doctor reveals details about China’s live organ harvesting program

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Image: Relative of Shanghai-based doctor reveals details about China’s live organ harvesting program

(Natural News) A relative of a Shanghai-based doctor revealed shocking details about the organ harvesting done by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Lu Shuping, formerly from Shanghai but now a U.S. permanent resident, revealed the gory truth to the New York-based non-profit group World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG). The non-profit did not release the details of Lu’s interview for the safety of the whistleblower, who is now more than 70 years old.

According to Lu, Zhou Qing – the older sibling of his sister-in-law Zhou Yu – formerly worked as the director of the Shanghai Wanping Hospital in the Xuhui district. Lu recalled that during a trip to China in 2002, Qing asked if he could connect her with anyone who needed an organ transplant. She asked Lu after learning that he knew many doctors via his home renovation business.

“[Zhou Qing’s] husband told me in person that she went to a military hospital to do [organ transplant] surgery,” Lu said. He continued saying that Qing’s husband said it was “quick money and the sum [for payment] is quite large.” While he, Qing and her husband were sitting together one day, Qing’s husband said: “You should get people over from outside [for organ donation].” He further remarked that the organs were “in really good quality, all fresh and alive.”

The word “alive” had puzzled Lu at that time. But as he learned about “live organ harvesting” done in China through news reports, he began to connect the dots.


Shanghai doctor experienced nightmares after doing live organ harvesting

Lu said her sister-in-law’s elder sibling had performed several organ removal surgeries as a Shanghai doctor. But she later stopped due to fear and “having nightmares.”

He prodded his sister-in-law Zhou Yu for more details on what she knew about her elder sister’s work. She told the whistleblower that people who were not sedated “would scream with all their might in sheer agony” when Qing performed the organ removal surgery. “[Yu] said anesthesia cannot be used in every place: The area where [the organ] is needed cannot be anesthetized,” Lu remarked.

“The fresher and the less anesthetized, the better. The quality is guaranteed, you can rest assured,” Lu recounted his sister-in law’s words. He further commented that his sister told him potential organ recipients “kept saying ‘Falun Dafa is good’ when they first went in [for surgery].” A total of three to five people were usually present inside the operating room, including armed police and military doctors.

Lu’s revelation adds to a growing list of evidence that an “on-demand” organ transplant industry with a massive scale exists in China. Adherents of Falun Gong, also called Falun Dafa, are commonly deprived of their organs. Their body organs are then sold for profit and used in transplant surgery. The forced organ harvesting is just one of many actions the CCP has done on the belief system’s adherents since it launched a campaign against the movement in 1999. Millions of adherents were arrested and imprisoned into various detention facilities.

Yu repeatedly told Lu not to mention what he learned to other people. “She said that money is not that easy to make,” he remarked.

China’s persecution of Falun Gong adherents condemned

The account shared by Lu has similarities to reports by whistleblowers regarding the matter. Two whistleblowers going by the names “Annie” and “Peter” first revealed the illegal organ harvesting in China to The Epoch Times in 2006.

“Annie” said her former husband, who was a neurosurgeon at the northeastern province of Liaoning, removed corneas from Falun Gong practitioners. The victims’ bodies were then thrown into incinerators after their corneas were extracted. Meanwhile, “Peter” gave details about a detention facility in Liaoning’s Sujiatun district. The Sujiatun facility was a location where organs were extracted from living Falun Gong followers.

In 2019, an independent people’s tribunal based in London found that the Chinese government had backed Falun Gong organ harvesting for years. The results of its year-long investigation said that forced organ harvesting had taken place “on a significant scale.” (Related: Undercover investigators expose mass forced organ harvesting in communist China.)

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also condemned the CCP’s nefarious practice of organ harvesting in July 2020. He dubbed the 21-year persecution faced by Falun Gong adherents as having gone on for “far too long” and called for its immediate end.

“Extensive evidence shows the [Chinese] government continues to repress and abuse this community to this day, including reported torture of Falun Gong practitioners and detention of thousands [more,]” Pompeo commented. (Related: U.S. lawmakers propose bills to sanction Chinese officials involved in forced organ harvesting.)

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