Cornell law professor launches database that lists universities teaching “racist” critical race theory

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Image: Cornell law professor launches database that lists universities teaching “racist” critical race theory

(Natural News) Cornell University law professor William Jacobson has launched a new database that catalogs universities indoctrinating students in critical race theory, a school of thought in law and elsewhere that frames “white supremacy” as an ideology embedded in the structures of society such as the law.

Jacobson spoke to Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Feb. 4 to introduce the website, which is called “Critical Race Training in Higher Education.” He said that the site is meant to help parents avoid schools that brainwash children into thinking that the color of their skin is the most important thing in society.

The recently launched website includes 220 universities and their approach to critical race theory.

Critical race theory contends that addressing white supremacy requires all white people to acknowledge that they have benefited from “white privilege.” But critics including Jacobson and former President Donald Trump state that critical race theory only further divides the country and assumes that one race is inherently better than others.

Critical race theory is racist propaganda wrapped in pseudo anti-racist ideology

Jacobson, the founder of the conservative website Legal Insurrection, said that he started the database after Cornell incorporated anti-racism ideology into every aspect of university life amid the Black Lives Matter protests. He noted this ideology is very harmful to students.

“Anti-racism does not actually mean what people think it means. It actually is very racist,” Jacobson said, noting that the ideology sees discrimination as a remedy to past discrimination.


Jacobson added that instead of teaching students to view people based on their inherent worth, universities endorse the idea “that the overwhelmingly most important thing in society is the color of your skin and everything derives from that.”

“This is what the colleges tell themselves. They love to talk about this stuff. They love to pat themselves on the back about this,” Jacobson said. (Related: College director: ‘Every White person in this country is racist’.)

He noted that universities do not advertise their problematic propaganda in admissions brochures, which makes it hard for parents to choose the right schools. He hopes that the database can help parents who wish to avoid enrolling their children in universities that teach critical race theory.

Described as a resource for parents and students concerned about how critical race theory impacts education, the database lists schools such as the University of Austin at Austin and New York University.

Jacobson said that reaction to the site was overwhelmingly positive and that there had been requests to expand the database from elementary school to high school. Many people on Twitter also found the website helpful.

“Hey, so I heard [the University of Oklahoma] teaches critical race theory. [I want] to make sure I am correct in this when my kid applies to colleges,” wrote one person.

“A Christian Univ. engaged in preaching racism, unbelievable. You have become nothing but a pawn of radical leftism and ‘woke’ culture,” said another.

Jacobson said he hasn’t planned yet when he’s going to expand the database, but he’s looking forward to including more educational institutions. He warned parents to look out for mandatory courses and trainings in anti-racist ideology, especially as admission season is near.

Trump ends “racist” training on critical race theory, but Biden reinstates it

In September last year, Trump ordered federal agencies to end controversial forms of racial-sensitivity training on critical race theory because he saw that they further divide the country and generate hate.

“I ended it because it’s racist,” Trump explained during one presidential debate. “They were teaching people to hate our country.”

Russ Vought, then-director of the Office of Management and Budget, wrote a memo informing agencies of Trump’s instruction to end forms of training on critical race theory, white privilege and any other training or propaganda suggesting the United States is an inherently racist or evil country or that any race or ethnicity is inherently racist or evil.

But President Joe Biden revoked Trump’s order as soon as he took over the White House.

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