If we’re STILL killing the planet even with massive lockdowns, are we going to have to die to save it?

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Image: If we’re STILL killing the planet even with massive lockdowns, are we going to have to die to save it?

(Natural News) You would think that the nut job democrats would be all excited about the lockdowns and capitalism shutdowns all over the world.

(Article by Liberty Paige republished from SteveGruber.com)

And they are. But it’s not enough.

To the cultist members of the climate change religion, it’ll never be enough.

The earth is dying and we’re all killing it.

No matter what we do apparently.

The political and business leaders of the climate change movement started this fraud in order to enrich themselves and re-distribute wealth to themselves and their friends. However, their cult believers obviously think that we are here to sustain the earth, not the other way around.

The United Nations put out a memo recently that said that even though we had a drop of 7% in emissions in 2020, it’s just not good enough and will have an “insignificant effect on the overall global warming trend.”

Well, gee… what more can we do?


According to liberal thinking and their false predictions and fake statistics, I think that’s really the only way to meet the goals of the leftist climate change nuts. It’s the only way that we’re not using any of the planet’s resources.

Don’t laugh.

Everything we laugh about pertaining to the leftists always seems to become a reality. 

It’s obvious that they don’t want us to go anywhere or do anything or use any energy. That means that we won’t be able to provide for our families. Hence we will die.

Although, the truth of the matter is, that dying probably won’t make the leftists happy either. 


Think about all of the energy that is needed to create our coffins and run funeral homes. Plus there are all of the people driving to our funerals in their SUV’s… It’s just one big strain on the planet. 

I guess we just need to be put in a blender and fed to the birds – and with no memorial services (kind of like now).

This might seem like a crazy idea to you but the leftists just don’t think we’re doing enough for the planet.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at what happened in Aspen, Colorado recently. Thousands lost power because of an intentional attack on natural gas lines. The FBI is investigating an environmental group called “Earth First.” 

Talk about the perfect name for the leftist agenda. They have decided that the planet is more important than the people on it and the brave ones don’t mind going public about it.

According to psycho leftist Mike Berners-Lee who talked to CBS recently and also wrote “How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything,” even sending everyone home to work in their domiciles isn’t helping the planet enough. 

These crazy leftists tell us that we’re not supposed to drive or fly – but working from home doesn’t do enough for the planet either.

He has the same idea as the Aspen environmental terrorists. 

We are taking up too much space and energy and we’re actually hurting the planet.

Of course we are.

We’re using heat. We’re using electric. We’re expelling carbon dioxide.

So it’s not far-fetched to expect these psycho leftists to tell us to kill ourselves soon and REALLY make a difference for the planet.

Why the heck are liberals even TRYING to end the pandemic? 

It’s the perfect solution for them. 

Kill off the parasites to save the host.

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