Biden’s pick to run the Justice Department’s civil rights division thinks blacks are superior to whites

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Image: Biden’s pick to run the Justice Department’s civil rights division thinks blacks are superior to whites

(Natural News) Anyone who still believes that Joe Biden’s presidency is going to be one hallmarked by “moderate” policies, unity, and equal opportunity for all can now officially drop that fantasy.

Because that isn’t going to happen.

Not only is his administration going to be filled with corporatists (yes, the left loves corporations, too), people with ties to big tech (so no, censorship of conservatives isn’t going to end), big government worshippers, and bona fide racists — like Kristen Clarke.

For years, Clarke, who is black, has been promoting an absurd theory that blacks have brains with large amounts of neuromelanin, which makes them far superior to whites physically, mentally and spiritually (and yes, if a white person had said something like this, you can only imagine the left-wing minds that would explode; that person would be ‘canceled’ in record time).

And now, she is Biden’s pick to run the ‘civil rights’ division at the Department of Justice. Who expects white people — and Asians, and Hispanics, and any American who isn’t black — to be treated fairly? (Related: GOP rep: If we had strongly prosecuted BLM-Antifa rioters, Capitol riot may not have happened.)

In 1994, Clarke wrote a letter to the Harvard Crimson as president of the Black Students Association (we know for certain there is no similar “White Students Association) to explain her extremist views on racial science:

Please use the following theories and observations to assist you in your search for truth regarding the genetic differences between Blacks and whites [sic]. One: Dr Richard King reveals that the core of the human brain is the ‘locus coeruleus,’ which is a structure that is Black, because it contains large amounts of neuro-melanin, which is essential for its operation.”


Two: Black infants sit, crawl and walk sooner than whites [sic]. 

Three: Carol Barnes notes that human mental processes are controlled by melanin – that same chemical which gives Blacks their superior physical and mental abilities.

Four: Some scientists have revealed that most whites [sic] are unable to produce melanin because their pineal glands are often calcified or non-functioning. Pineal calcification rates with Africans are five to 15 percent [sic], Asians 15 to 25 percent [sic] and Europeans 60 to 80 percent [sic]. This is the chemical basis for the cultural differences between blacks and whites [sic].

Five: Melanin endows Blacks with greater mental, physical and spiritual abilities – something which cannot be measured based on Eurocentric standards.

While today Harvard — like every other Ivy League and top-level university — is so ‘woke’ that drivel wouldn’t cause so much as a ripple, but back in 1994 it was too much for the school’s administrators. When they pushed back on Clarke, she explained that she didn’t necessarily believe in the theories herself, which was a lie, of course; her behavior, comments and actions since bear that out.

While obviously having a problem with whites, she’s also got anti-Semitic qualities too, because doesn’t every left-wing Democrat these days? A month after she wrote her letter to the Harvard Crimson, she invited infamous Trinidadian anti-Semite Tony Martin to speak on campus. His views on the subject of being Jewish were encapsulated in a self-published manifesto titled, “The Jewish Onslaught,” in which he discussed the “escalating Jewish onslaught” against blacks.

Clarke has since defended her views on programs like Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, telling him just a few years ago that skin color, not necessarily ability, ought to be a predominant deciding factor when considering people for jobs — like doctors, airline pilots, and others who really need to be very good at what they do.

“I advocate for defunding policing operations that have made African Americans more vulnerable to police violence and contributed to mass incarceration, while investing more in programs and policies that address critical community needs,” she wrote in a Newsweek column last year as BLM rioters were destroying American cities, WND reported.

Is this really someone who we want deciding who is and is not ‘worthy’ of enjoying civil rights?

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