Screenshots from ‘Insurrection USA’ BLM activist John Sullivan’s discord claim police let him in

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Image: Screenshots from ‘Insurrection USA’ BLM activist John Sullivan’s discord claim police let him in

A series of leaked screenshots purportedly from BLM activist and Insurrection USA founder John Sullivan’s Discord server have been leaked. In the screenshots, the radically far left activists admit they wore Trump hats and other MAGA gear as subterfuge, and admit that the police willingly let them enter the deified halls of the U.S. Capitol.

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The screenshots, found and compiled by a conservative Twitter user, show the leftist rioters planning their invasion of the sanctified grounds of the Capitol, discussing how they will wear pro-Trump camouflage, and most strikingly, admitting how the police enthusiastically let them proceed past barrier after barrier until they were inside the consecrated halls of the U.S. Capitol.

In the days immediately following the January 6 protest, one user in Sullivan’s Discord server wrote, “I had to wear a Trump hat and shirtm [sic]” to be able to infiltrate the crowd unnoticed.

“Putting on a Trump hat does not make him blend in,” wrote another user. “It makes him look like a well known activist who was attempting to instigate ‘antifa violence’ narrative.”

Another post shows Sullivan wearing a clearly fake Make America Great Again hat, likely bought from a street vendor and not President Donald Trump’s official campaign website.

Another user, who calls himself “deaththreat” admitted that he was “in the front line of the battle” and knows “who was there personally.


He adds, “It was a large sum of anti-Trumpers.”

Another user urged those planning to “counter protest” bring weapons to Washington, D.C.

“Who ever is going to the counter protest (DC) on the 6th, bring a weapon with you.”

Stunningly, another user admitted that “[Cops] let us all inside.” He added that the police told him, “‘We disagree with your choice but respect your decision’ and just lets them inside.”

Another user, who has been given a moderator or admin role within the server, agreed. “That was the mantra of the entire coup.”

A series of troubling tweets feature Sullivan talking about “civil war” and “revolution” while posting photos of guns he ostensibly owns or posting photos of him posing with guns.

Sullivan, who appeared on CNN to discuss his claims of entering the Capitol in a journalistic capacity, was arrested last week in what marked the first prominent leftist to be arrested for potentially instigating violence in the celestial halls of the U.S. Congress.

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