Left-wing activists tried to goad Trump supporters into joining Capitol “insurrection”

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Image: Left-wing activists tried to goad Trump supporters into joining Capitol “insurrection”

(Natural News) New evidence has emerged to show that radical left-wing fanatic John Sullivan, who helped lead the Capitol “siege,” also tried to egg-on Trump supporters to turn against law enforcement officers following the fatal and gruesome shooting of Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt.

Sullivan, who heads up a far-left extremist group known as Insurgence USA, posed as a “Trump supporter” while being filmed for a documentary by CNN photojournalist Jade Sacker. After storming the Capitol while trying to incite violence, Sullivan appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper – watch below:

Babbitt’s shooting can also be viewed in the below video (WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised):

According to Masako Ganaha, who runs a popular Japanese YouTube channel, the person who filmed Babbitt being murdered by law enforcement while she attempted to climb through a broken window to gain entry into the House chamber is a member of Antifa.

Ganaha says that the man who broke the window in the first place by bashing it with a helmet was a non-Trump supporter who was “leading the crowd.” Following the incident, he quickly retreated down some stairs to “change his appearance” and avoid detection.

Sullivan, Ganaha also points out, was also present at the far-left Portland riots where independent journalist Andy Ngô was violently assaulted by left-wing agitators who threw a cement “milkshake” at his face.

“The black man (Sullivan) tried to make Trump supporters ‘upset with police’ by repeatedly saying that the woman is dead, using a Marxist tactic of ‘agitation’ to get people to turn against each other, in this case, to get the Trump supporters to turn against law enforcement,” writes Pete Baklinski for LifeSiteNews.


“The ones who were leading the crowd (man who smashed window with helmet and Sullivan who kept on crying out the woman was shot and dead), or agitating the crowd, were not Trump supporters. I think they had a plan and they played well,” Ganaha is further quoted as saying.

John Sullivan, CNN both responsible for Capitol “siege”

While some of Ganaha’s claims are refuted by Baklinski, her main claim that a leftist leader, Sullivan, was responsible for inciting the clash between actual Trump supporters and Capitol law enforcement would appear to be accurate and valid.

You can read Baklinski’s full analysis of what took place inside the Capitol at this link.

It cannot be stressed enough that CNN was quite obviously complicit in the staged incident, allowing Sullivan to lie on television about who he was and why he was there that day. As it turns out, Sullivan appeared both inside the Capitol and on CNN with Cooper to reinforce his false narrative, and paint Trump supporters as the bad guys in all that took place.

“Those who engaged in unlawful activity must be brought to justice,” Baklinski writes. “The Justice Department is already pursuing 150 suspects.”

“It is my suspicion that many of the provocateurs, when they are caught and questioned, will turn out to be Trump-haters like Sullivan who seized on an opportunity to inject themselves into an otherwise peaceful rally and co-opt it to pursue their own political agendas,” he adds. “Any genuine Trump supporters, who fell for the ruse and joined in violent or destructive behavior, made a terrible mistake.”

As for Sacker, we now know that she was assigned as the “documentary filmmaker” to capture Sullivan’s encounters with law enforcement and Trump supporters. Her apparent purpose is to shape the false flag narrative and further reinforce it to the public.

To keep up with the latest news about the fraudulent 2020 election and the Capitol false flag “insurrection,” be sure to check out FalseFlag.news.

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